Friday, April 2, 2010

B³ Live Blog: Lincoln Stars vs. Sioux Falls Stampede 4/2

Join us for the last live blog of the 2010-11 season, as we cheer on the Lincoln Stars against the Sioux Falls Stampede.  The puck will drop at 7:05pm, but we will be online and chatting around 6:45pm.  Hope to see a good turnout tonight.  You don't have to register to chat, just type in a name and post your comment.  It's that simple.  Go Stars!


Yeti said...

Stars lose tonight, 4-2. I'll try to type up a game recap sometime tomorrow (Sat) morning.

HockeyTrend said...

really could've used the win from you guys tonight!

Yeti said...

Looks like your team has its own problems, Force. You gotta win first.

Anonymous said...

Yeti, Don't I remember the coach saying that we never work on powerplays? We were 0-1 last night and 0-18 in the 2 games last weekend.! Why doesn't he work on powerplays?

Anonymous said...

The coach was quoted once in the LJS as saying that the powerplay was fine and did not need any work. I believe that was shortly after the Christmas break. I think that is one of the reasons he has taken alot of heat for the season. When you deal with kids at this age, everything needs work, and nothing is just fine the way it is.

Sam I am

lincolnfan said...

anonymous @ 9:14 and 9:19 -

that's true, coach did say that he doesn't believe in working on the powerplay. that was actually not too long ago; the article is right here:

while i don't believe for a second that this is the reason we had a bad season, and it's all coach's fault, i have to disagree with the coach on this one. i find it hard to believe that it doesn't do any good to work on it... how come some teams are so much better on the powerplay? is it just a matter of "working harder than the penalty kill unit"? our lack of working on it shows when we can't make passes, lose control of the puck, aren't able to take shots, etc... this season we played better when we were NOT on the powerplay than when we were.

Anonymous said...

I sent a comment this morning that had the phrase "wake up and smell the coffee" which you have not posted. I believe I sent it before the last 12:43 one so I would appreciate you posting it. I hope you are not holding it back as there is nothing on it that should create some interesting dialogue which is what a blog is for

Anonymous said...


Chartier Reid Puskar

Siers Gerths Brockett


Rayner Baumbick


*before he was told to go home ( mutually) allowed to come back was not really suspended but was done for the season but practiced with the team and is once again playing for the team
(even Brent got this story wrong!)

You can't be a Stars fan and think that keeping some of these players would have helped the Stars.
This was a pretty good bunch that got sent away!( Petey --only for spring break)

BellTolls said...

Anonymous at 2:59, you'll have to have Yeti address that for you, as I haven't been on the blog all day and didn't see your comment waiting for approval. Yeti has very good, yet leniant rules for not approving posts, so either there must have been a) profanity b) something that was insulting to a particular player or c) it simply didn't show up. I'm sure he'll be happy to explain it to you, Anonymous.

lincolnfan said...

good grief. gave up 5 goals in the 3rd period?? did the Stars just completely give up???? i didn't get a chance to listen to the game at all, just checked pointstreak a couple times and it appeared as though Lincoln was at least keeping up with SC throughout most of the game. what a crappy way to end the season. i feel bad for the Lincoln fans who made the trip that they didn't get to see a better game, but i will be interested to hear what Yeti and the other fans have to say.

tzweeb said...

i agree lincolnfan.. the fans showed why we are the best in the league!!!
these kids played well and i enjoyed going to the home games and having lots of fun!
i will be renewing my season tickets.
thanks to all who helped make it fun.

BellTolls said...


It's finally over (can't believe I'm saying that). I'm ready for next season now.

James said...

Lol I still had a great time. It was really nice to finally meet some of yall! -James

Anonymous said...

Tough way to end the season. If nothing else, next season should be very interesting. Thank you Stars for your effort and all that you did this year. Good luck to you guys that are moving on, and to the guys coming back.

Sam I am

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter said:
What a joke of a year, in my opinion it all started at the try out camp in June,then there were trades that should have not taken place, players picked up and let go before they were able to get adjusted, players suspended or sent home for little or no reason and then there were players where they should have been released from the team for good FOR BREAKING TEAM RULES and their issues were quitely covered up!!! "COACHS FAVORITES"
If this situation would have been going on in the corporate world top management would have been sent packing a long time ago to pull their shakey moves somewhere else.
I do got to say that these kids that were unluckey enough to make it to the end of the year did give it their all and they played hard until the final curtain fell last night. Congrats to those that were lucky enough to land scholarships this year. Congrats to those that were lucky enough to get traded and move on to other USHL teams and gain some much needed coaching and tutoring. Sorry I'm not a Coach Jimmy fan but I'm a hard core Stars fan and I only hope that this can get turned around before next season.If that takes a full blown house cleaning or partial so be it, this season was no fluke!!!! The coffee is brewing owners.
PS: I'm done talking for the year and believe what you want but but I have no reason to write rumors.

Anonymous said...

Like always no names. This Blog has been very bad for the whole Stars team. Yes in the CORPORATE world things might be changed but also names would be stated and when all the rumors were told they would be sued for slander. If you don't have the BALLS to post your name then you are just a rumor spreader. Did anybody stop and think how this hurts the players and team? I am a housing parent and have been for 5 years. Most people on this blog have no idea of what the true story is. So shut up. If you ask any of the players that have the chance to come back to play for Jimmy they all said yes. That sould say something for the coach. This coach is more concerned about his players and making them better men than maybe he needs to be but he always tries to put players first even if it causes him flack. Peterson is a good example of that and I know first hand. Lets not forget the Sadeo's or some of thse players that have gone on to be great players and people ask them what they think of Jimmy. He could have let Peterson stay out for the last games but Peterson wanted to play and Jimmy got alot of crap over it but the other players wanted him to play and it was good for Peterson as well so again Jimmy put the players first and his own well being second. I would feel good about my own kids playing for the coaches we have this year. So if you don't have the facts and are not willing to sign your name then shut up. 1 last thing does any one else think that maybe the owners and maybe a parent from Omaha might be freinds?
Jim Shafer Housing parent and season ticket holder.

BellTolls said...

Happy Easter, I'm sorry you won't be posting again this year. We will be having lots of coverage on the drafts and looking toward next year, so the more discussion, the better.

Jim, thanks for the post. However, not every rumor spreader on here is out of the loop. Some housing parents have posted on here as well, using their name, with the exact opposite message you delievered about Coach McGroarty. I'm not saying one is right and one is wrong, but there seems to be some dissention even within your own housng parent community...not just from the Joe Schmo fans.

Yeti said...

Jim Shafer,

Thank you for the comment. I'm sorry you feel this blog is bad for the Stars. Of course I disagree with that statement, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. To be honest, I haven't had anyone tell me before that this blog is bad for the Stars. In fact, just last night I was approached at the SC game by a couple of Lincoln fans who told me how much they enjoyed this blog.

I provide a forum for Stars fans to talk about their favorite hockey team. I say all the time that I don't know what goes on behind closed doors. I don't want to know. I go to the games, report on what I see, and put it here. I don't pretend to know more than what I do. We're a fan blog, for other fans. I provide a service for other Lincoln Stars fans, which I hope they get some enjoyment out of. That's why I do this. I don't get paid. I don't get any perks. I devote a TON of my own personal time to keep this blog updated with fresh material.

When it comes to the anonymous comments, I would suggest doing what I do. I read them, and move on. I don't know the person who posted it, don't know why they posted it, but I read it and move on. I don't hold it as gospel. I don't believe it's true, nor do I believe it as false. It is what is is.

When it comes to how people post comments here, there are three options:

1. The way we do it now. People can post anonymously, or use their names. BT and I moderate all comments so that the comments are not inflammatory, or hurtful to players and/or fans.

2. Make people register here before they can post. People would still be just as anonmous, because someone can register to post as "Monkey Man." Requiring people to register before they post would cause some folks not to comment at all because they don't want to hassle with registering. I'm not a big fan of this one. Look what it did to the Blueline Blog on the Lincoln Journal Star.

2. The last option, allow no comments at all. BT and I would post our articles, and that's it. No fan interaction at all. Zero. That isn't going to happen at all as long as this blog is around.

Hope that all makes sense. BT and I are the biggest Stars fans you'll ever meet. We want the best for this team and the players. I receive comments all the time from fans, and player parents about how much they enjoy this blog. That is what keeps me going.

Losing sometimes brings out the worst in people, as we've seen this season. Regardless of what happens this offseason, I have confidence that the Stars will be rebound next season and kick some tail. The negativity isn't going to keep us from staying positive about the future. That's whats great about the game of hockey...there is always next season.


Anonymous said...

I Just wanted to say Great Job Yeti, I am a Lancer fan who likes and enjoys Reading this Blog, and Yeti and friends have done a great job. Jimmy was a Former Assistant Coach with the Lancers and He is a Quality Coach, everyone has a blip and a lot of the Losses were close games which could have gone either way. Shake it off and Get behind the Team at Try-outs and again for the 2010-2011 season.
See you at the Civic soon......

Anonymous said...

Ok-I have to agree with Jim on a number of things. First off who names their team captain before the season even starts? I know Johnson rotated captains til someone proved themselves ( and even then he would take the "C" away when guys lost a few games or we had off-ice issues). As far as not having a good scoring defensemen at the blue line or a bona fide center on the offense why didn't we trade for one? Or like years past buy one from Canada? Maybe we should have kept some of the scoring forwards from camp instead of all the grinders and fighters? Don't get me wrong-I think you need a few enforcers on the team but no in no way can we lose a guy as valuable as Shine or Dzingle because they got hurt in a fight. If we couldn't find a scoring defensemen this year with all of the trades where does that leave us next year? After all we are losing a lot of good blue-liners! That being said I think we have a great core of forwards coming back and I look forward to seeing what they can do with a year under their belts. Would love to see a line with Berge, Shine and Dzingle. Not sure any team could keep up with those three. Thanks Yeti and BT for giving us a forum to talk and hope to see a lot of people at the tryouts!