Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2009 Futures Draft Review

With the 2010 USHL Futures and Entry Drafts (May 18 and 19, respectively) and the 2010 tryouts quickly approaching, Yeti and I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at some of the faces that could be at tryouts in June. Obviously the majority of the kids at tryouts come undrafted, but the majority of those who make the final cut are either veterans or Stars' draft picks.

We can't predict who the Stars will be drafting this year, but we can take a look at who was picked last year and what they are doing now.

So with that, here are the Lincoln Stars' selections from the 2009 Futures Draft and the teams they played with prior to their selection.

1. Kevin Zugec, Defense, Pittsburgh Hornets
2. Austin Wuthrich, Forward, Alaska All-Stars
3. Dominik Shine, Forward, Compuware U-16
4. Frank Schumacher, Defense, Victory Honda
5. Kacper Guzik, Forward, Little Caesars

Kevin Zugec - Defenseman - 6'4", 225, 1993

Zugec tried out for Lincoln last year, but did not make the team as a 1993 birth date. He was selected in the ninth round (170th overall) by the Erie Otters in the 2009 OHL Priority Selection Draft. He played with the Pittsburgh Hornets Midget Major (U-18) team this year and recorded 5 g, 11 a in 66 games, with 34 PIM. A lefty, Zugec grew one inch and gained 35 pounds in the past year. This kid is huge, and I hope he tries out again this year, that is if the Stars still have his rights.

Austin Wuthrich - Forward - 6'2", 185, 1993

Wuthrich will not play for Lincoln next year because he was picked up by Team USA U-17 this year. He had 2 g, 2 a in 15 games.

Dominik Shine - Forward - 5'10", 160, 1993

This kid doesn't need much explaining - he was the Stars' MVP in 2009-10 as the youngest player on the team. He had 15 g, 14 a in 54 games and led the Stars with 165 PIM. He'll be back in Lincoln this fall.

Frank Schumacher - Defenseman - 6'1", 189, 1993

After playing for Detroit Victory Honda in 2008-09, Schumacher was picked up by the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL in 2009-10. There, he had no points in 15 games and had nine PIM.

Kacper Guzik - Forward - 5'11", 180, 1993

Guzik played for the Detroit Little Caesars Midget Major (U-18) team this past season. He had 5 g, 3 a in 20 games, and an astounding 100 PIM (that's five PIM per game). In 2008-09, he had 13 g, 6 a in 29 games for the U-16 team. This kid plays a physical game. He would be fun to see at tryouts.


If anyone out there has any inside information about any of these players, please leave a comment below. Yeti will have an in-depth look at last year's Entry Draft picks later this week.


Anonymous said...

If Schumacher played major junior hockey in the OHL last year, he's forfeited his college eligibility. It's not likely he will play in the USHL next season.

Anonymous said...

K Guzik got hurt during the year and went back to Poland were he is from originally. Not sure if he is coming back this season.

Yeti said...


Schumacher has forfeited his college HOCKEY eligibility. If he stays in the OHL long enough, they will pay for him to go to college once, but he can never play collegiate hockey (in the USA). Because he's made the decision to play major-junior, I very much doubt we'll ever see him play for the Stars, like you mentioned.

Of the five players listed above, I would expect to see 2, maybe 3 of them at the tryout camp next month. Shine is a no-brainer. Zugec tried out last year, but did not have a good camp. He has a whole year of MM hockey under his belt, so he should perform much better. As a '93, he still has plenty of time to improve...and grow. The kid is HUGE.

The wild card is Guzik. Everything I've read about him online states that he plays like a tasmanian devil on the ice. In his last three seasons of hockey (in different leagues), he's racked up 306 PIM in 77 games. He has shown he's more than just an agitator, also. He's scored 68 points in 77 games the past three seasons. Like BT mentioned, I really hope to see him at tryouts.

In regards to Wuthrich, I have to believe that the Stars left him unprotected after tryouts last Spring. I can't see how the Team USA U-17 program can poach a player from a USHL roster if that player is protected. With Team USA entering the playing field last season, I'm really not sure how this dynamic works. It's hard for me to believe that the Stars would leave him unprotected, considering how young and talented he is. Can Wuthrich decide on his own to walk away and tryout for the Team USA program, even if the Stars put him on their affiliate list? I wish I knew the answers. I'm not sure what happened in this case. All I know is that a very talented player the Stars spent a draft pick on is now on a different team in the USHL.

Yeti said...

Anon at 9:47am,

Thanks for the info. Do you know what the injury was?

layla said...

I *think* that the usa team can pretty much go after who ever they want. Not entirely sure but they def seem to play by their own rules. Havent we had mj players before? Or maybe i'm thinking of some other league.

Yeti said...

Reekie, Messier, and Hill were all former major-junior players before coming to Lincoln. However, they were all overagers, and could not find homes in the WHL in their final season. Schumacher is very young, so I think he'll stay in the OHL for awhile.

Anonymous said...


The reference to Schumacher's forfeiture of his college eligibility was, of course, to his eligibility to play college hockey. Since maintaining that eligibility is the primary reason to play amateur junior hockey rather than major junior hockey, what other eligibility would we be talking about? :)

By playing in the OHL, he certainly hasn't forfeited his ability to have someone pay his tuition to simply attend college. As you mentioned, to compete for players looking at amateur junior hockey as a route to a college scholarship, the Canadian major junior leagues are now offering to pay college tuition.

As you also mentioned, playing major junior hockey in the WHL or OHL doesn't mean that a player can't later play amateur junior hockey in the USHL. That player wouldn't be eligibile to play college hockey, but could still be drafted or play professionally in the NHL or minor leagues. That's why it's only likely, not certain, that Schumacher won't play in the USHL next season.

But, if a player's goal is to play professionally and he has no interest in playing college hockey, then he's probably better off playing in the major junior leagues than in the USHL. The main reason for a player to move to the USHL after playing in the WHL or OHL would be, as you pointed out, that he can't find a roster spot on a major junior team but still hopes to play professionally someday. In Schumacher's case, it's also worth noting that he's from the Detroit area, so playing for Saginaw in the OHL allows him to live at home and finish high school locally. Another reason why it's unlikely he'll play in the USHL next season.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kyle Gibbons has committed to Canisius for 2010. Congratulations Kyle! I'm assuming the Stars were expecting him to come back next year or maybe not?

Yeti said...

Anonymous at 5:07pm,

Thanks for the info. I appreciate the heads-up. Yes, the coaching staff mentioned at the end of the season that Gibbons would be back next season, so this news is a surprise to me. I've created a new blog article for the Gibbons news, so please post any comments regarding this subject in that article. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just a question about last Saturdays game Fargo VS Greenbay..... I saw that coach Johnson was ejected at the 20 minute mark of the 3rd period. "Fargo - Coach(Coach Ejection Game Ejection), 10 min, 20:00" Pointstreak
Will he be allowed on the bench this evening when they play their last game?

Yeti said...

Anonymous at 6:17pm,

From what I know, the penalty will not keep him for coaching tonight. He should be behind the bench.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply

malco said...

Guzik suffered dislocated shoulder and he required surgery which was performed I think in Sweden. So he didn't play for 4 months and then played with Team Poland at Div I U18 WC where he posted 1G, 1A in 5 games as well as 45 PIM (one penalty was Game Misconduct which is "valued" 25 PIM in Europe) but he was nowhere near his level from 2009 U18 WC even though he's one year older. But it's understandable considering his injury woes.Dunno if he'll come back to USA and especially to Lincoln since there are rumours he wasn't even informed by team staff he was drafted. But yes - las two years and this last one especially he was totally crazy on ice,I remember in one game he fought probably 3 times.

Yeti said...


Thanks a bunch for the info. I appreciate it. From the sounds of it, I doubt we'll see Guzik at the Stars tryout camp next month, but there is always hope. If you hear of any news regarding Guzik in the future, please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly at lincolnstarshockey@gmail.com