Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday Night Fights - St. Patrick's Day Edition

Thanks again to the awesome Stars fan (she knows who she is) who takes video of all these fights.  I appreciate all that she does.  Dominick Shine vs. T.J. "Don't call me Little Orphan Annie" Tynan and Cory Hibbeler vs. H.T. Lenz.


Anonymous said...

T.J. "Don't call me Little Orphan Annie" Tynan


T.J. "4th in total points this season" Tynan

I think the second sounds better I will give you a loss in his 1st ushl fight though.

Yeti said...

No doubt, Tynan has tons of talent. If you took the time to read my pregame article, you would see that I said just that. I'm impressed with the amount of points he's put up in his first year in the league.

However, he probably learned a good lesson Wednesday night. He's more valuable to his team on the ice, not in the penalty box. Plus, he's going to get himself hurt if he attempts that again.