Friday, March 26, 2010

Lynch Commits to RIT; Weekend Preview: Cedar Rapids and Tri-City

First of all, congratulations to forward Ben Lynch, who recently committed to the Rochester Institute of Technology and will begin playing there in the fall of 2010. RIT is a member of the Atlantic Hockey Association, and just recently won its conference tournament to earn its first trip to the NCAA Tournament as a Division I program.

Lynch is more than deserving of a college scholarship, as he ranks second on the team in scoring with 30 points (14 g, 16 a) and is the only Stars player to appear in every game this season. That says a lot not just about his talent and endurance, but his off-ice attitude and work ethic.

Congratulations to Ben and thank you for representing the Stars organization well this year.


The Lincoln Stars wrap up their home schedule this Saturday, but first travel to Cedar Rapids to take on Lynch's former team one last time this season on Friday night. Lincoln is 1-2 vs. Cedar Rapids this year, but all three games have been very competitive, and the way the Stars have been playing lately, this one should be as well.

The Stars won at Cedar Rapids 3-1 back on Oct. 25, but dropped two home contests to the Rough Riders by 3-2 scores, one coming in a shootout. Lynch and Ryan Dzingel each have a pair of goals against the Rough Riders this year (who in my opinion sport the best nickname in the USHL). Cedar Rapids is firmly locked in second place in the East Division and just needs one point in its final five games to clinch second.

Saturday is the home finale at the Ice Box. Turn out, be loud and be proud, because you won't be watching a USHL hockey game at the Ice Box for another 6 months. Tri-City comes into town, owning an impressive 5-1 record against the Stars this season. Even worse, the Storm have outscored the Stars 24-13. The Storm are 2-0 in the Ice Box, winning by a combined margin of 11-3, but they haven't played here since December. The Storm possess one of the top players in the USHL in Jaden Schwartz, who as a '92 birth date, has 78 points and leads the USHL in scoring. Schwartz only has one point in his last five games, but he still has 13 points (5 g, 8 a) against the Black and Blue this year.

The Stars have a great opportunity to play spoilers this weekend, and what better team to do it against than Tri-City. The Storm are in fourth place in the West Division, only one point ahead of Sioux City for the final playoff spot. Each team has four games remaining, and Sioux City has three at home. Lincoln ends it season at Sioux City next week. Needless to say, the Stars still have an opportunity to make some noise this season. Continue the winning streak! Go Stars!

***Saturday is fan appreciation night. Happy hour specials will run from 6-7:05 and concession specials will be offered throughout the game. A 30-minute, on-ice autograph session with the players will follow after the game as well.


Yeti said...

Thanks for the article, BT. Looks great. I know we've both been very busy this week, so I appreciate the time it took to put this article together.

I just noticed on the Poinstreak transactions page that Andrew Ammon was suspended for one game by the USHL, most likely because the two penalties he incurred against Team USA U-17 last weekend. Ammon will miss the Friday night game against Cedar Rapids, but will return Saturday night for the home game against the Storm.

With Petey, Tate, Berge, and Rayner all suspended for the duration of the season...the Stars will certainly be shorthanded this weekend, and next.

Also, for those wondering...we will not be doing a live blog for the Cedar Rapids game tonight. I hope to blog live next weekend when the Stars wrap up the season against Sioux Fall and Sioux City. Thanks.

Jofa said...

Congrats on the commit Ben. I hope you are well rested as I see double shifts in the near future.

nutz4puckz said...

Kudos to Ben from here as well. Been fun watching you all season. I'd say double shifts for lots of guys coming up. Circle the wagons and finish strong!!

BellTolls said...

I saw this funny post on Brent's article on the LJS: "RIT is actually located in South Henrietta, NY. So why don't they call it the South Henrietta Institue of Technology?"

If you don't get it, check the acronym. :)

lincolnfan said...

congrats Ben! and that's funny BellTolls, reminds me of the movie 'Accepted'. haha.

BellTolls said...

So NCAA games will pretty much eliminate any chance of the Stars being on the radio for the next four games (as it did last week and during the NFL playoffs)...thanks to the tremendous contract the Stars have with 1480, which allows Stars fans to miss out on only about 10 of 60 regular season games (sarcasm alert).

Hope you've got a computer available the next two weekends.

BellTolls said...

I don't get how I can be listening to the broadcast just fine, and then Melbye fades out and we go to elevator music? I doubt it's a connection issue if you distinctly hear Melbye fade out. Is it that flippin hard to not push any buttons in the studio? This happens every game.

lincolnfan said...

i'm only able to listen to the B2 feed on the Stars website, which has the Cedar Rapids announcer. :-/

BellTolls said...


don't know if you've tried this, but if you go to, you can click listen live and hear Melbye. You have to install a free abcast download or something first, but it's pretty simple.

lincolnfan said...

oh, interesting, got it. thanks. i thought that would just be basketball that is on ESPN 1480 on the radio.

Norfolk Fan said...

Looks like the guys will have to show they can come back from a deficit tonight. They showed last weekend they can hold a team down, now it's time to show they have built the character to come back for a win.
Sure miss the online chat tonight. Hope you're all doing well and are ready for tomorrow night!
Go Stars!

New Hockey Fan said...

I agree with yeti that we don't seem to get a run on positive comments lately. I would like to offer congratulations to Matt Green-a well deserved award; Ben Lynch on his college committment; and to the team for a fantastic couple of games-it was really a blast. The team and fans also did a super job with the jersey auction. I hope we can finish strong, I will enjoy the last few games, and be looking forward to whatever next year brings. Thanks to the team for their efforts this year, and I do hope we will see many back. We can all take a deep breath over the summer and be ready to come back and cheer on our Stars next fall.

Go Stars!!!

BellTolls said...

Stars lose 3-0 tonight in Cedar Rapids.

Anonymous said...

Once again, not being a fight monger, but...

Shine Vs Warning

DelMauro Vs Costello

Listening to these videos, Lets do what we can to keep cow bell out of the Box!


Anonymous said...

No positive comments lately?? Well,perhaps it might have to do with our coach sending kids packing left and right! Petey. his once favorite for christ's sake!
And now it is the housing families responsibility to keep these boys on the straight and narrow? Everybody to blame but the one who has let it go on all year without consequences--the coach!
What about these families that don't take care of the kids? Don't provide meals, are quick to call the coach if a kid comes home 5 minutes late? Is anything done about that?
This season has been a complete disaster and to blame this on the players and housing families is just another sad twist from this unpredictable coaching staff.
For Stars MGMT to watch this all unfold and do nothing is a insult to the fans that have supported this team throughout the years. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid and pretend none of these shenanigans are happening. It continues to get worse before it will ever get better. I'm staying home tonight!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:46am,

One less fair-weather fan! While you sit sulking at home, I will be at the IceBox cheering the players! After the game, I will go down to the ice and individually thank each and every one of them for coming to Lincoln and playing their butts off for this city and its fans.

You have a problem with this coach? WRITE THE STARS MANAGEMENT! How hard is that to understand? Why are you taking it out on these kids who bust their butts every weekend for your entertainment! Unbelievable. That attitude isn't needed at the IceBox. STAY AT HOME!

Bill in Section C

mike0913 said...

Now the *deleted*(anon at 9:46)is attacking the management. This is the same management that built the Stars into the top organization in America. They must have forgot how to run a team this year just like the coach forgot how to coach this year. I guess he never learned anything working for the two most successful coaches in the league. He probably could learn a lot more about coaching from angry anonymous fans :)