Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday Night Fights - Stars vs. Force 3/19

Thanks to "Starfish" for letting us know about these two videos.  I'm not sure who took them, but they are both pretty good.


starstruck said...

Congrats to Matt Green for the goaltender of the week honors - very nice to see another Lincoln Star earn recognition!

Yeti said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Starstruck! I just blogged about Matt's award.

On a completely unrelated note (not sure where to post this), but I saw a lady with a dog this past Saturday inside the IceBox for the Team USA game. Just when I thought I had seen everything at the IceBox....I saw a lady carrying a puppy Chihahua in a blanket like a baby. Seriously? You couldn't leave it at home? I love dogs more than anybody...but is a hockey game with thousands of screaming fans the right place for a puppy?

Anyway, just thought I'd share that before I forgot. :)

Anonymous said...

Not that I am a fight-monger but....;_ylt=AoKxk7vLeHjnWXYdxDaedm97vLYF?urn=nhl,229625

Summerhays vs Pisellini

Goalie fight at end of 3rd, going to OT?? What the..Good article at the end.
"Remind us again why we aren't watching the USHL, like, every night? "

For the love of the game...Starfish

dr said...

I thought it was a little odd that I saw a lady in section f a few weeks back with a dog in her purse....the security guards werent to thrilled when they found out. but i guess as long as the dog has a ticket why not let the little fella watch the game lol