Friday, March 19, 2010

B³ Post-Game Recap 3/19: Lincoln 6, Fargo 0

Choo choo!

The Lincoln Stars played their best home game of the season tonight (and snapped their seven game home losing streak) as the Black and Blue pounded the Force 6-0 in front of 4,000 rabid fans at the IceBox.  The Stars got out to a quick 1-0 lead when forward Ryan Dzingel scored on a goal-mouth scramble two minutes into the first period.  After the early Stars goal, the game erupted into numerous brawls.  Dominick Shine was the first to drop the gloves in the first when he danced with Matt Leitner of the Force.  After a checking from behind penalty on Stars forward Sam Alfieri, the Force players took exception to the hit and it got nasty after that.  Stars forward Jarrod Mermis, and defenseman turned forward Cory Hibbeler both received fighting majors in the scrum, with Hibbeler getting the game misconduct.

In the second period, the Stars continued to keep the pedal to the metal as they outscored the Force 3-0, and killed numerous Fargo powerplays.  Scoring goals for Lincoln in the second period to increase the lead was Kyle Gibbons, Dominick Shine, and Andrew Ammon (PP).  At the second intermission, the Stars had a surprising, unfamiliar 4-0 lead and were playing lights-out hockey.  The question pondered by most of the Stars fans in attendance during that second intermission was, "Can the Stars hold the lead?" 

In the third, the Stars kept their foot on the throat of the Force as forwards Garrett Peterson and John McCarron scored to increase the lead to 6-0.  Instead of going into "turtle mode" in the third period, the Stars played very aggressive and kept coming at the Force in waves.  In the end, the Stars outshot the Force 38-29, and were 2-for-7 on the powerplay.  The Stars penalty kill unit played incredible tonight, as the Force were 0-for-10 with the man advantage.  Stars goaltender Matt Green was the best player on the ice tonight, as he stopped all 29 shots on goal to record his third shutout of the season.  Green was cool, calm, and collected the entire game.
I was a bit surprised Fargo head coach Steve Johnson didn't pull goaltender Ryan Massa in the second period, as it was obvious to me that the Stars (and the fans) had gotten into his head.  Massa never looked comfortable on the ice, and after he slipped and fell in between whistles in the first period, he actually mocked the Stars fans after they cheered his blunder.  In the second period, Massa did his best Eric "Where's my pacifier" Hartzell impression when he tried to go after referee Curtis Marouelli and broke his goalie stick in disgust after he was assessed a delay of game penalty, along with a unsportsmanlike conduct misconduct penalty.  At that point, everyone in attendance knew that Massa just wasn't in the game.  The Stars took advantage of that and scored three goals on Massa in the second period after his outburst.  It's always fun to watch opposing goaltenders lose it at the IceBox.

What a great game!!  All those fans who stayed at home missed a terrific hockey game tonight.  Hats off to the Stars players.  Their effort was outstanding.  There was no quit in them tonight.  They came out and showed Fargo right away they would not just roll over and take a beating.  In the past, the Stars just haven't been able to put a complete 60 minutes of hockey together.  Not the case tonight.  I was thinking before the game this evening that we haven't seen the Stars come out and just dominate a team at home this season.  We haven't seen that 6-0 or 7-1 game that was all too common the last two seasons.  Well, the fans were treated to that dominating win tonight...and how sweet it was.

Go Stars.

The Stars return to action tomorrow night at the IceBox when they host the Team USA U-17 squad.  The puck will drop at 7:05pm.


Hockeygurl said...

Incredible game tonight, boys! Hands down it was the best game of the entire season.....and the Ice Box was electrified.

Wonder where those bag heads were tonight?? Too ashamed to support the team when they're down but more than willing to high five all around when the getting is good. The only disgrace this season is you. Shame on every one of you.

Yeti said...

The "bag heads" don't deserve any more of our attention. Let's please move on.

I know there were a number of player parents in attendance tonight, so I'm sure they had a blast. The atmosphere at the IceBox was indeed electric! I hope all of the player parents enjoyed themselves tonight! Let's do it again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

OMG...What a game!! The boys kicked some major butt. Good job guys!! Let's make the last games something for the fans to remember!

starstruck said...

Way to go Stars - awesome game by the whole team and so great to see celebrating once again at center ice! Green was absolutely amazing!

Massa's meltdown - maybe we have footage for the next season opener video LOL

USHLProspectsBlog said...

Finally! First time all year that the boys have strung together 60 solid minutes, and boy was it fun to watch! Also, something I noticed, and this isn't to take a away from Green's stellar performance, but I believe this game was the first all season where the puck luck went our way. Sitting in AA tonight, Green didn't see a lot of the shots he faced and he just got a little pad on it, so that was nice to see.

Also, hands down best performance of the year by our D-men tonight. Even with Lauwers getting the gate, they played really well and blocked more shots in this game then all of the games before. The 3 stars may have gone to the point getters and Green tonight, but the unseen Star getting dirty in front of the net, blocking shots was Bruneteau.

Congrats to the boys on a well deserved win tonight, and I hope they can ride the momentum into tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Great game guys! This game looked alot like games of old. A whole 60 minutes of play and the score to prove it.

I just love it when some bully picks on the wrong younger, smaller player & gets his butt kicked! Way to go Dom!!!!!

Green, what can I say? Way to go. You really ruled tonight, great effort! The D along with Green just couldn't be beat!

If we carry this attitude over it will definately shut the fair weather fans up!

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it was nice that the boys played for eachother... everyone was hitting, driving the net and blocking shots, again not to take away from greens pretty good performance but without the aid of the defence on pen kills and pretty much the whole game it could have been a different story. lately they have been leaving both green and coreau especially out to dry. good job tonight boys

Anonymous said...

I can't name a player I wasn't proud of tonite. It was a well deserved win. I would like to call out my favorite players, the whole entire Lincoln stars. Those of us who hold faith in our players, as we have all season savor this victory. I love the dance gentlemen. Let us lovers of the sport let us see it again next season as this one is soon drawing to an end, sigh. Forget the losses remember the victory as was well earned. See you for the rest of this, and next yeae

Anonymous said...

Excellent play by everyone tonight!!! I think, as I have since try outs given the right chances and proper training Green could be our numer uno. Sooo proud of all our guys tonite, as I am every time we play, but damn a win is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Force Blogger, good luck to your team in the playoffs! Hope you guys make it all way, my longshot money is on waterloo... GO JIMMY and PUSKSAR!!!

Jofa said...

Yeti and Hockeygurl,

Could not agree more, not only the best home game but the best game of the year. Great to see these kids put a full 60 together. I'm looking forward to see how these guys finish up the season.

StarsHcky said...

With the young talent on this team and they way they played last night, I'm looking forward to watching this team finish out the year strong. Although they arent playing for playoffs or anything, they can still try to get out of last place which would be nice! Also, am looking forward to what these young players can do in the off season and into next season! Really happy for the game last night and loved the celebration... the guys deserved it! See everyone back @ the box tonight!

New Hockey Fan said...

Wow-best game of the year is right!! What an extreme pleasure to watch. Congratulations to all of the players, it was great seeing you get to dance the 'Choo-choo'. We knew the talent was there, and are so proud of you all. I am looking forward to the rest of this year, and next season.


HockeyTrend said...

Thanks Anonymous at 1:30. Good luck next year!