Saturday, February 6, 2010

Live Blog - Lincoln Stars at Des Moines Buccaneers 2/6

 Join us tonight as we blog live during the Stars vs. Bucs game.  Faceoff for the game tonight is 7:05pm, so we'll be chatting live around 7:00pm, or a little before.  I hope to have a good turnout again tonight.  Stop by this evening and root the Stars to victory over the Bucs!

Go Stars.

Edit:  Stars lose their seventh straight game, falling to Des Moines 6-5 in overtime-shootout.  The Stars battled back from a 4-1 deficit to take a 5-4 lead, only to lose in the shootout.

Roster News:  The Stars traded defenseman Garrett Clement to the Omaha Lancers for defenseman Matt Wahl.  Stars forward Jon Puskar was traded to Waterloo for draft picks.


Justin S. said...

I can't wait to hear the complaints about the trades, but if you know anything about sports, you know that coach made some great moves in the past few days. I think we got at least two new draft picks 2nd and 5th rounders, and a future's consideration from Waterloo. We get a player from Omaha that doesn't have great stats offensively, but is solid on D with a +9. Also, Baumbick can now have some time where he will be on a top line in the NAHL and get solid playing time to hone his all around skills, but also hopefully his fighting skills and I hope we see him at tryouts next year as he would be a good addition to next year's team. In my humble opinion, the coach is aware of reality enough to know we aren't making the playoffs and is smart enough to make these kinds of moves for the future.

Anonymous said...

someone on the Lancers Message Board mentioned that they traded for Greg Wolfe from Chicago....he's a scorer....i remember every game against lincoln he had at least a goal

Yeti said...

Justin S....well said.

Anonymous...I've always liked Wolfe. He's been a Stars killer the past couple of years. He's a guy I wish the Stars would have traded for last season. Good pickup for the Lancers.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say, that even though it's probably getting a bit redundant and may seem that there's nothing else to say, but I am so extremely proud of this team. The effort and competitiveness they continue to show on the ice despite all of the adversity and challenges they have had to deal with this season, is to be applauded. How much longer this will continue is hard to say. Last night's game was just another example of the grit and heart this team has and as fans, you maybe have seen more talented and successful teams in the past, but I wonder if those teams would be playing the way these guys have played if they had experienced all of the on and off ice disappointments that this team has. This team has been its own worst enemy at times and will look back at the lack of discipline at times that has probably cost them more than its share of games and whether the officials have it "in for them" or not is irregardless - you have to play smart. That would probably be my biggest issue with this team but certainly not one that I will judge them by. I hope they can continue to play as a team and play with pride and that we as fans will continue to applaud their efforts. Go Stars!!!

Jofa said...

Penalties are a direct result of coaching. Nothing more, nothing less. Were a little under our pace from the previous two years. We needed some picks considering we didn't have a pick until the 5th round last year. Remember we already gave away a 1st rounder for Berge this year. I have nothing but the utmost respect for these kids that are out there busting there ass every weekend.

nutz4puckz said...

Its been a tough year for sure, but its at least encouraging that they don't quite and keep digging. Be nice to at some point, maybe win a couple games in a row. With the trades, it would seem that reality has set in and the playoffs are something that would seem to be out of the question. The trades are tough, for the fans, but also for the guys moving to a new city. Hope for the best for them and good luck to them.

With the players on the roster now, who might be good bets to be back next year? On the topic of draft picks, did'nt we get a first rounder in the swap with Green Bay?

Oh well, on to Tuesday night.....

Justin S. said...


Ya, we did get a first rounder form GB. Also, as for guesses as for who will be back next year. I would say Shine, Dzingel, Lauwers, McCarron (maybe), Deresky, Mermis, and theres been rumors that Berge will be back. With the 92s and up, there's no higher league for them to go to in junior hockey. Not to mention we'll have the "prospects" that we have waiting that have seen USHL expierence, like Dakota Mermis, McNimmy, DelMauro, and Suter. Those guys plus the draft picks we have, we will have a stacked team next year, that's all but a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping a lot of this team will be back next year. I'm not real sure on the age limits but I think it is the 90's that we will only be able to have 4 on our team. If that is the case I hope Rayner comes back. Ammon might be a long shot because I would imagine Princeton might want him up there now. Same with Bruneteau although I don't see his name on the college commitment list now. I think Coach said during one of his post game comments that Petey might come back as well. That would be pretty awesome. I think Mermis might be pretty good but we just haven't been able to see what he really has this year due to injuries. I think Shine, Dzingel, and Lawers will likely be back and move up as leaders based on both their skill and that ehy seem to be the kind of players Coach likes. It certainly appears as though we could have a pretty good team for several years with the draft picks we have, the prospects and the young guys coming back. I don't know what to say about our goalies I think both are capable of really great things but just haven't been able to show it at all times for whatever reason.


BellTolls said...

On who I think could be at tryout camp next year (not predicting if they all make the team)...

Green (90)
Handley (90)
Berge (90)
Mermis (90)
Bruneteau (90)

BellTolls said...

And with the draft picks we're stockpiling, it's going to be one competitive tryout camp next June, especially if none of the above get picked up by a college at the end of this season. Speaking of, does anyone know if any of these players have offers already but are still deciding?

Layla said...

Handley is going back to North. Mich, (I think it's NM, I know he's going back to college but I forget which one.