Monday, February 22, 2010

Backes, USA Upset Canada, 5-3

The USA stunned Canada at their own game Sunday night, as the red, white and blue defeated the Canadians, 5-3, in their Olympic group play matchup. Watch the highlights here. The U.S. earned a bye in the quarterfinals, while the Canadians now will have to go through the Russians to earn a spot in the championship next week.
The win was the first for the U.S. against Canada in the Olympics since 1960.

Brian Rafalski scored two goals to lead the U.S., who held a 4-2 lead late in the 3rd period. But Canada's Sidney Crosby scored to cut the lead to one, and Canada put a flurry of shots on net, but Ryan Miller stood on his head. Former Star David Backes had an assist in the win, giving him one goal and two apples in the competition. How cool is it to see a former Star in the Olympics?

WHAT A GAME. Judging by the poll on the right, many of our Black and Blue visitors watched the game Sunday night. That last three minutes was the most stressful hockey I've seen in quite some time. Canada held the puck in the U.S. zone for what seemed like hours. It was like they were on a two-man advantage, excpet it was 5-on-5. I watched the end of the game at the UNL Rec Center in the lobby, and it was really cool because it started out as two or three of us with eight minutes left and turned into about 30 people for the last couple minutes. Everyone cheered when Ryan Kesler dove on the ice for the empty-netter to clinch the win, and I'm sure most of them weren't hockey fans.

So what about you all? How did you celebrate the win? Did you call up your Canadian friends and rub it in? Tomorrow will probably be a national day of mourning up there. I've heard hockey to Canada is football, baseball and basketball combined to Americans. I hope others got to watch this awesome game, assuming everyone had access to MSNBC (cough, cough, Yeti). :)

Go Stars.......and Stripes!
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tzweeb said...

you an only imagine how important the game of hockey is to them when you looked at the stands... almost everyone had a red canada jersey on...
i watched almost the whole game and it was incredible how well backes did. he took on 2 players and their goalie for one of our scores!!
how great it was for OUR guys to get the win..
i just wished it was a elimination round.
another thing about crosbys goal. it did look like he got lucky to get the tip in, or is he just that good???
and did anybody else think the empty netter was a fantastic play for kesler?? how else can you desribe a guy falling into a puck and making it get to the net!!
if you saw the slow mo then you would agree!!
things were right with the hockey gods tonight.

any chance our stars can pick up some of that puck luck???

please post the next round of play so we can do a live blog for the USA team. any chance we can talk you or B T, or layla into hosting for us here???

Yeti said...

Yeah, don't get me started on why this game wasn't on NBC, but was on MSNBC instead. I don't understand that one at all. I missed the game completely because I had my adult league hockey game last night, but I couldn't even DVR the game and watch it later because DishNetwork doesn't include MSNBC in their basic package. Sucks. I've seen highlights of the game, but that's it. I hoping to score a burned copy of the game and watch it sometime this week.

I'm going to add a nice little graphic to BT's article above which shows the single elimination matchups that begin this week. As you can see, the road to the gold for USA is much easier. Meanwhile, Canada must beat Germany on Tuesday, then play Russia on Wednesday. Brutal schedule for Canada.

"Go Stars....and Stripes." Very clever, BT...I like it!

tzweeb...I wouldn't mind hosting a live blog here for one of the USA games, but that all depends on the day and time of the game. Also, whether or not the game is on a channel I get. :(

BellTolls said...

Don't feel too bad yeti. I had an online test to take and DVRd NBC thinking the game was on that channel. Needless to say I was bummed when I found out it was on MSNBC. Besides the final 8 minutes I've only seen highlights too. If we make the gold medal game it better be on NBC. I don't understand it either. For Canada, 99% of the excitement for this Olympics is hockey and only hockey. Apparently NBC judges Americans would rather watch ice dancing and figure skating :( (no offense to those who enjoy that more than hockey). Pathetic that game wasn't on NBC, it was one of the most anticipated days of the Olympics.

Jofa said...

Yeti and BT as much as I agree with you,the rest of the country doesn't see hockey the same way. I think NBC thought their ratings would be better showing figure skating ,ski cross, etc. I was lucky enough to see the whole game and it made me proud to be an American.
The funny thing to me was watching Russia & the Czechs on NBC in the early afternoon. Watching on MSNBC was nice because you didn't see all the commercials. Once we get to the medal rounds I think you will see all the games on NBC.

New Hockey Fan said...

We were able to watch the entire game, and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching Ryan Miller-wow. I'm willing to host anyone (in Lincoln) who would like to see the next game if it is on MSNBC and you don't get it :-)
Don't forget to give the ladies credit, they will be playing for gold.

Anonymous said...

for those that don't already know, you can catch all of the games live, and go back and rewatch them on Not having MSNBC is not a reason for not seeing the game. ;)

Yeti said...


I'd rather not have to log into my satellite provider account just to watch the game on my computer. It's better than nothing I guess. I have a burned DVD copy of the game, so all is well. The game looks better on my big screen than it would on my laptop. :)

Anonymous said...

my laptop on my big screen looks just as great. ;)

mike0913 said...

NBC hasn't shown hardly any live events in there primetime slot. They prefer to show the event afterwards so they can edit it to tell the best story. They have taken a lot of heat for not showing Shawn Whites gold medal performance live even though it happened during prime time. They are afraid if they show it live it won't be as dramatic. During the 96 summer games they showed the competitors out of order in the women's gymnastics to make the girl with the bad ankles vault more dramatic.

tzweeb said...

sounds like to me that we should all be reserving the time on sunday at 12:15 to be on here blogging!!!

tzweeb said...

dang canada's women have an incredible goalie and a very good team.
canada wins 2-0 we got silver