Saturday, January 23, 2010

Post-Game Report - Omaha at Lincoln 1/22

Final Score:  Omaha 7, Lincoln 0

The Omaha Lancers continued their dominance over the Lincoln Stars this season, recording their fourth straight win over the Stars with a 7-0 shutout win at the IceBox Friday night.  Despite out-shooting the Lancers in the game 31-29, the Stars were never able to get a puck past Lancers goaltender Jeff Teglia.  Omaha forward Erik Haula scored 3 goals, while forward Matt White added 3 assists to lead the Lancers on offense.  The Lancers scored 2 goals in the first period, 4 goals in the second, and then 1 goal in the third period to hand Lincoln their worst shutout loss in franchise history.

This one was another frustrating game to watch as a fan.  I thought the Stars were the better team in the first period.  They came out strong, and took it right to the Lancers.  Credit Omaha goaltender Jeff Teglia for keeping his team in the game.  He's a very steady goaltender, and you rarely seem him out of position.  The Stars out-shot the Lancers 14-9 in the first period, but could not solve Teglia.  The Lancers were able to capitalize in the first period with a weak wrister than somehow found its way past Stars goaltender Matt Green, and then with only 28 seconds remaining, the nail in the coffin goal from Omaha forward Colin Markison to give the Lancers a 2-0 lead going into the first intermission.  After that, the Stars self-destructed.

Omaha is a very good team, that much is obvious.  The Stars have played them tough this season, but they can't seem to hang with the Lancers for 60 minutes.  You could tell the Stars were getting frustrated last night, and when they get frustrated, they commit penalties...which obviously doesn't help matters.  I think that is what is the most frustrating part to watch as a fan.  Instead of digging deep and getting back into the game, the Stars lose their composure and end up spending the rest of the game a man down because they are in the penalty box so much.  It's one thing to get whistled for a penalty while you are defending a teammate.  It's something completely different to commit a selfish penalty just because you're pissed off your team is getting beat.  The Stars are going to have to learn very quick to avoid the penalty self-destruction if they want to turn the season around and make a playoff run.

Tonight's game should be very interesting.  Tonight's  opponent, Sioux Falls, was beat 10-1 last night by the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  Lincoln is coming off their worst shutout defeat in franchise history.  The Stars have not scored a goal against Sioux Fall in two games this season.  Which team wants it more?  Will the Stars rebound and prove it to themselves and the fans that they are better than the team that was shutout the night before?  Stay tuned.

Go Stars.


nutz4puckz said...

That was hard to watch....just when I thought it couldnt get any worse. Hopefully a win tonight, but time is getting short if they want to even remotely consider the playoffs.

Yeti said...

I forgot to mention that losing Petey in the first period to a shoulder injury really seemed to take the sails out of the team. The "All Points Bulletin-APB" line came out VERY strong, and had some quality chances on net before Petey suffered the injur. Petey came back in the second period, but he did not seem the same. It looked like he was playing with a lot of pain. Gotta give him credit for coming back and finishing the game, despite the shoulder injury.

Anonymous said...

Turn out the lights... The party is over....


Zero goals in back to back home games. Are you kidding me!!

9 year season ticket holder reply said...

Tonight I heard way to many comments like these "I'm embarrased to be a fan" "I'm not coming back" As much as you all want to say "support your team" you need to think realistically. The stars aren't selling out anymore. If 500 people say that's enough there are not 500 people waiting to take up the slack. What if it's 1000, what if next year we're worse. I doubt changes will be made during the year, but just watch the off season.

trying to be constructive said...

Fouts needs to go. What actually qualified him to be a coach?

Crap said...

Nice to see the coach made one move. 22 more would be welcomed.

Better luck next weekend said...

McGroarty said Friday night postgame "Saturday will seperate the men from the boys" I guess we now know who is who. Thanks for clearing that up for us Jimmy. The Star player against the Giant kind of put the explanation point it also.

?? said...

Where is the Saturday post game report?

starstruck said...

Heartbreaker. Great effort tonight, Stars, even if not the right outcome. Coreau - an awesome game!

For the most part, in my opinion, the ref let the teams play the game, so too bad a penalty call helped decide the outcome. Very good to see the support from the crowd for the team - keep it up fans!

this sucks said...

My comment wont't be posted so I won't say much, This is pathetic. I doubt this homer blog will put this up.

BellTolls said...

this sucks,

Looks like you were wrong.

BellTolls said...


The Saturday post-game report is now posted. Yeti and I don't rush back immediately after every game to put up a report. Sorry.

BellTolls said...

We've had a comment defending Coach Fouts and I agree with it that Fouts knows more about hockey than anyone here and that he is qualified to be an assistant coach at this level. BUT, the comment could not be published because we have set a standard of not tolerating comments that ridicule other posters, whether you disagree with them or not. There is no need for personal insults. Just disagree and let it be. Thank you for your cooperation. We really don't want to reject comments but many a blog have been shut down because the comments section turns into a personal insult parade.

tzweeb said...

wow folks, yeti and belltolls do have a private life, well i think they do anyway.
i think we all need to remember that we go to the hockey games to be entertained!
of course we do have more fun when we win, but the game tonight was really fun to watch.
and the crowd getting into it with about 6 or 7 minutes to go. standing up and cheering was really cool to hear.
i just want to put it this way. they are kids and "we" are suppose to be the adults.
go to the games and cheer for our team.
and an fyi... 4,720 friday and 4,610 tonight, both were sell outs.
i guess enough people are still wanting to go to a game and have fun watching our team.
and the beer is nice too!!

tzweeb said...

and the reason we lost was we didnt play the hells bells song during the last time out. they crowd was ready and the team just needed that little push.
14 points and 2 games at hand, and we can still make the play-offs.

StarsHcky said...

Fouts has been here how long and no one has complained about him or said hes "not qualified" until now? If i recall everyone was excited he was coming back to be an assistant coach because we all loved him as a player.

I think one thing we need to think about is that its not just one thing that contributes to a losing season, you cant just put the blame on the coaches or the players. I understand that the coaches are supposed to scout out the talent for the team and teach them and motivate them to play as a team, and make moves when necessary. Coach has obviously made moves to try to help the team. I may not agree with everything he has done this season, but I believe that Coach, the rest of the coaching staff, and the players are still trying to figure things out. Obviously, they are doing something, because the players arent quitting.

Just want to say something else, if being a "good fan" only qualifies when my team is winning, then i dont want to be a "good fan". I will be there win or lose to support my team.

Go Stars! Keep Fighting!

Yeti said...

To the anonymous poster who felt the need to spam the blog with his comments last night, as you can see, your comments were posted. Well, most of them. The one in which you attacked me personally, that one was obviously deleted. I'm not sure why you felt the need to do that. If all you want to do is insult me, here's my email address:

Fire away.

Better yet, here is where I sit at the IceBox for EVERY Stars game: Section J, Row 13, Seat 15

Come say hi! Let me know how you feel about me to my face. I doubt it will happen, but I felt I should at least give you the opportunity. Come out from behind that anonymous curtain and speak your mind.

To everyone else who can make a valid point without cursing or insulting someone, I'm not going to let one "fan" spoil it for the rest of you. All I ask is that comments not call out specific players on the team. I'm not blowing sunshine up anyone's ass. I'm not happy about how the season has transpired either. It is what it is. What sense does it make to be negative all the time, and bash-bash-bash? Don't like what you see on the ice this season? DON'T GO! Simple! Give your tickets to someone else who would appreciate some hockey!

All I'm trying to say the team on the ice. They don't like losing. This isn't enjoyable for them. Regardless of what you think about the coaching staff, show some respect for the players on the ice. They're out there playing their hearts out for their teammates, their coaches, their family and friends, and for us. They deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Have the Lancers ever shutout the Stars in the Ice Box before last Friday night?

I know its been a tough year for Lincoln fans but I was just trying to get some perspective from where this year's Stars team is at right now compared to past seasons in team history.

Thanks to those fans keeping their chins up through the tough times.

BellTolls said...

Anonymous, Melbye said it on the post-game, but I forgot what he said. I'm pretty sure he said Omaha has shut us out 4 (or 5) times in the Ice Box and 9 times overall. I think that's what I heard.