Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/30 Recap: Fargo 2, Lincoln 1

New day, new opponent, same result. For the third straight game, the Lincoln Stars suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the Ice Box. This time, the Fargo Force scored a power-play goal with 45 seconds remaining to steal a 2-1 win in a very chippy game.

Fargo went ahead late in the first period on a goal by Chase Grant. The action really picked up in the second period though. Garrett Peterson and John Stampohar were ejected 4:25 in for fighting (stoppage) penalties. Thirty-two seconds later, Lincoln tied the game on a goal by Tyler Deresky, his first as a Lincoln Star. Then, 22 seconds after that, the Ice Box got heated again, as Nate Baumbick dropped the gloves with Fargo's Nate Schmidt and Jon Puskar took on Nicholas Romanick at the same time. Puskar and Romanick received game misconducts.

After that mess, the goalies dominated the game until the final minute. With Fargo on a power play because of an Andrew Ammon holding penalty, Brian Cooper notched the gamewinner, sending the crowd of 4,356 into yet another agonizing groan late in the game. The Stars lost in a shootout last night and were defeated by Sioux Falls in overtime last weekend. Lincoln outshot the Force 33-30, and Jared Coreau was stellar again, saving 28 shots on 30 saves. In his last three games, Coreau has a .947 save percentage, which is more than you can ask for from your goalie. Sadly, the Stars have lost all three games.

Don't know what else to say Stars fans. How much more painful can it get? The Stars have gone right down to the wire with three of the top-five USHL teams in the past three games, and can't seem to get over the hump and win one. Things have got to get better. Right?

***Note: Check out the this cool feature called "Game Live." It looks like they did a trial run for the Chicago/Indiana game on Jan. 30, and it looks like a really cool feature. It's basically a game-tracker. Up-to-the second shots, penalties, stats, etc. Very well done too. Check it out. It will change the way we watch box scores as we know it!!!


tzweeb said...

bt, i have seen an even better game tracker for the college games. it even shows all drives and shots, power plays and movement of the puck. next time a college game is on. go to their university page and check it out.
almost as much fun as what you guys provide here for us to blog live!!!
thanks guys!!
will be looking forward to blogging thursday and saturday, guess friday will be hard to do unless you are not working.

BellTolls said...

haha, yeah tzweeb, colleges are pretty on top of this type of stuff (some anyway), but I was surprised to see the USHL doing this. Regardless, I don't think anything is as fun as the live chats at the Black and Blue blog. :)

Yeti said...

Great article, BT. Thanks for that.

Looks like I missed another nail-biter. I'm sure the players are just as confused about this season as the fans are. You look at the last 10 losses for the Stars: 7 of those losses were by 1 goal. It's certainly not for lack of trying.

Let's look at shots on goal by Lincoln in their last four games:

1/22 vs. Omaha
31 shots on goal (0 goals scored)

1/23 vs. Sioux Falls
32 shots on goal (0 goals scored)

1/29 vs. Cedar Rapids
37 shots on goal (2 goals scored)

1/30 vs. Fargo
33 shots on goal (1 goal scored)

Total = 133 shots on goal (3 goals scored)

In the last four games, the Stars have faced four of the top 5 teams in the NHL. In those four games, the Stars have outshot their opponent in EVERY game. Yet with all those shots, they were only able to score 3 goals. The effort is there! It would be one thing if the Stars were getting outshot and outworked in each of those four games. They're not.

Frustrating four home games, but the players have to stay positive and believe that the pucks will soon start to find the back of the net. Keep fighting, and keep battling.

By the way, I was happy to see Jared Coreau play well again last night. Despite the losses, he is playing his best hockey of the season.

Keep you chins up, boys!

Yeti said...

Also, does Tyler Deresky become a permanent roster addition after his performance (1 goal, 1 assist) this weekend? I thought he looked pretty good Friday night. With Berge, Tate, and Mermis all out with injuries, there is a hole at the forward position.

Yeti said...

*In my first comment...that should be USHL, not NHL.

mike0913 said...

The reason is we are not getting goals is because we are not making the goalie move. Most of our shots are coming from the guy bringing the puck in to the zone or from defensemen from the blueline.
they need to learn to make the late pass to force the goalie to move and then the goals will come. Right now they seem to be aiming for the hole in the middle of the goalies chest!!

starstruck said...

Coach said in his Sat night post game comments that he would be talking to Tyler about staying the rest of the season. I had thought maybe that was already the plan, since his name was on the jersey. Coach also mentioned he had not scouted out Tyler - he was recommended to him by the NJ Rockets' coach. Looks like a good find - hopefully here to stay - need those goals! (There was a Nick Deresky at tryouts 2 years ago, an '89).

In Friday night comments Coach was listing some of the players we could look forward to returning next year. In that statement, he said "Petey could be back". That would be awesome! You could certainly see what returning players can do for a team by watching Fargo - 15 veteran players would be a welcome position.

Thought it was another great effort - keep it up guys. Fans are behind you - Go Stars!

StarsHcky said...

Great effort again last night. Even though we are losing, we are @ least seeing some very good, entertaining games. Coach said on friday nights post game show that the Stars are the "best, last place team"... after these last 3 games I am thinking the same thing. The effort and fight is there, we just need to end up on the right side of these games and get a little puck luck. Hopefully a little time away will give the guys a good breather. Go Stars!!!

Force Blogger said...

We had 14 players from last year's team to start the we only have 10 from last year (one of which is injured) is nice to have the experience but next year will be an interesting year as we will have to bring in a lot of new players.

lincolnfan said...

another couple tough losses. just have to keep trying and giving a good effort.. eventually it will work out. on an unrelated note, i'm guessing most people here have Time Warner Cable, but last night i noticed that FOX (not sure if it's the Grand Island station or Kearney or what.. it's channel 17 on DISH), but they were showing the Tri City Storm vs. Sioux City game. they had a couple of announcers and everything. i was really surprised to see it just on regular TV. do they do this for all the games out there now or was this just a one time thing?

Anonymous said...

It was a one time deal, they did it last year as well but it was not an air channel.

Anonymous said...

Can we trade McGroarty for Johnson? I am starting to really miss ol' Stevo!

Justin S. said...

Yes, we can sit around and complain. But honestly, it's not Jimmy's fault. The team, in my opinion, hasn't developed chemistry. It's been a tough year with guys in and out of the line-up with injuries. The bright spot I can see for next year is Shine and Dzingle leading the team and being a dynamic scoring duo, Crosby and Malkin-esque. Also, if Berge comes back next year, which is a good possibility with him missing out on the the end of the year, he brings the desperately needed leadership. At this point, who knows who else will be back but I bet we have a great team next year. I mean the way I think about it, maybe you don't agree, we are like Lions or another bad team hoping for a rookie to salvage our team. 2010-11 is the year!

Tracar said...

I was disappointed after this game, then my wonderful wife put me in my place! She made the comment "We are a good team, to have the last 3 teams come in and only win by 1 goal is great!, Look what Fargo did the night before, Yes we are loosing but we are making the other teams fight to win! We are not lying down when a good team comes in we are fighting!" After she said that I got to thinking she is right!

Keep fighting guys we are behind you!!

StarsHcky said...

Well i dont know about anyone else but i go to the hockey games to A) support my team and B) to watch a good hockey game. Win or lose these last couple of weeks we have been seeing mostly good hockey games. Yes it sucks to lose esp. when the team fights so hard the whole game only to lose in OT, SO, or w/ 45 secs left, but the point is I think we can all agree that even tho the Stars have lost, we have seen some pretty good hockey games. Plus I would rather see them lose by 1 then by 5 so keep it up.

I also think it is great that these guys are still fighting like they are. With that bad luck they have had all year it would be easy for them to just say "i quit" and give up on the rest of the season. But no, even tho they are in last place they still keep fighting and I think that is great and that shows alot. They keep fighting for us, lets keep going to support them... my thinking is that they are bound to win sometime!!!

Moody said...

Just keep pluggin away, eventually it will turn around. Don't give up boys, I won't give up on you either!!!

Anonymous said...

The Ice Box is still the best place to be on Friday or Saturday night regardless of the win/loss record of this team. The entertainment value has been second to none and I so much wish that the fans could bring a win for this team as they really deserve it for how well and how hard they are playing. We will support you to the end - go Stars!

Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

I'm there for fun and to support MY team...we've had some tough losses, but we've also played some exicting hockey ! Keep it up boys !


Travis said...

I hate losing and am sick of losses, but I will take a 2-1 loss and a 3-2 loss over a 7-0 loss any day of the week. Great exciting games, just the wrong outcome. The boys are still playing hard and fighting for everything. Keep up the hard work and finish strong. Don't throw out Jimmy yet. I say give him another year. I think we will turn it around next year. Shine, Dzingle, Berge (i hope) and Petey (I really hope) could make a solid foundation for next year. No more bag skating on a sunday before a tuesday game though.

Force Blogger said...

You guys had a good year with Jimmy last year too. 1st in the division. I don't think one bad year should be the deciding factor.

Jofa said...

Looks like Jimmy may be calling it. Gerths traded to Green Bay.

Yeti said...


Source? I don't see anything on Pointstreak.

Anonymous said...

Any video of the puskar-romanaick or baumbick-schmidt fights?