Saturday, January 16, 2010

Live Blog - Lincoln Stars at Omaha Lancers 1/16

We will be blogging/chatting live once again tonight as the Lincoln Stars look to continue their hot play against the Lancers in Omaha tonight.  Faceoff for the game tonight is at 7:05pm.  The chat will be up and running around 7:00pm.  I will not be able to attend the game, or be here for the chat, so Layla has once again been kind enough to run it tonight.  Thanks to Layla for helping out!

I really hope to see some new faces chatting tonight.  The last chat we had, there were quite a few new faces which is always nice.  If you are going to spend the night at home, listening to the Stars on the radio or on B2, why not drop by the Black and Blue Blog and chat with other Lincoln fans during the game?

Go Stars!


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Matt White tonight on the loss of his father. I want to talk about last nights game rather than tonights. Hats off to our boys! AWESOME GAME!! All of the guys played so well but I want to call a couple of them out in particular... Peterson was a man on a mission, you could feel the waves of determination coming off of him. And Hibbler, what can you say about Hibbs other than WOW doesnt he always give everything, even more so last night. Just too bad we had to play the number one team in the league after coming off of such a heart-thumping chill-giving game. Next weekend I am sure they will have a much deserved win.

Anonymous said...

To the fans who couldn't make it to Omaha, the reason the game started late was because of the 7000+ in attendance. The lines of people weren't waiting to get in. They were waiting to buy/pickup tickets. All available ticket windows were open. I am certain that if the IceBox saw twice the attendance it normally saw, they would have had the same issues. At least with the Civic, no one was turned away. Let me know the next time you get 7000+ fans in the IceBox. ;)

James said...

What a great game. Stars fans were able to walk away proud from that one. There were so many people in the building tonight. Green was amazing to watch and definatly did a great job hope to see him continue to start. If you were listening to the game you missed out. They played so well and gave them hell. Well worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

looks like Bruggman was our good luck charm, we should get a group of us and send an email to the league office or ScottBrand and ask him to keep sending Bruggman on our games! couldnt hurt at this point... but none the less, it was a fun game tonight, took me 45 mins to get in, the wife and i were freeezing. I like the new"old" barn the lancers play in, way better than the mid america center, that place sucked for USHL. MattWhite, our thoughts are with you. GO BLACK AND BLUE!

Jofa said...

Anonymous @ 12:36 I hope your arm is long enough to pat yourself on the back. Your promotion seemed to have worked pretty well. Maybe next year you can have it in the Quest Center to get your average a little closer to the big boys.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and Prayers go out to Matt White.
Stars gave us a Battle, But Just about everyone In attandance cant figure Out why the Stars are where they are. They Play their Hearts out against Us, why are they at the Bottom. Teglia was outstanding and showed why he got the All-Star Game Spot.
Great Game, Great Battle, Hope All the Stars Fans had a Safe Trip Back, and shout out to Swede, What a Nice Man should be proud of him Stars.....

StarsHcky said...

Just want to say that the Stars did play great last night. i was there and it was a great game. Green had a great game and the whole team played great and together. I think this game could have easily gone both ways. Have to give credit and Teglia because he played great also, I think if it werent for him the game could have ended differently.

Stars played great in the first and except for a little bit in the 2nd played w/ Omaha the whole game. We had so many close calls... ik one time where Gerths was infront of the net and hit a goal post and another where Baumbick almost scored too.

Very proud of how our guys played last night and it was a great game to watch. When we were leaving the Civic last night, we kept hearing Lancer fans comment on how Lincoln played really good and they dont understand how we are @ the bottom and how the Stars NEVER quit and kept fighting to the final buzzer.

Just want to tell the guys to keep it up, dont get down, and that they will get the Lancers next time! Keep fighting!

dr said...

Directed at Anonymous @ 12:36 am, congrats on getting 7000+ people for a dollar beer night that ended before the game started lol. And they (the ticket windows) were starting to close windows at 5:45, I'm not sure what time you got there but it must have been before that, in my opinion if you arent in your seat by 7:05 then thats to bad for you the game started while you werent there.

Was pleased with the way Lincoln played tonight, a couple breakaways and a seeing eye shot later we are down 3-0. Sure we had our chances but Teglia was on fire, credit to him on a great game.

Lets figure out how to put a few more past him on friday and get a win.
Go Stars!!!