Friday, January 1, 2010

Live Blog - Lincoln Stars at Chicago Steel 1/1

The Lincoln Stars will look to rebound from their shootout loss to the Waterloo Blackhawks last night, when they travel to the "Windy City" to take on the Chicago Steel tonight.  I will not be available to run the chat this evening, but Layla has been nice enough to volunteer to run it for us again.  Faceoff is at 7:30pm central.  Layla will have the chat up and running around then.  Hope you all can participate.

Go Stars.


Anonymous said...

Yeti,will miss you on the live chat. As a Star fan and watcher, I believe that Lincoln is the best place to play or watch a game in the USHL. Jimmy has said many times that "who wouldn't want to play here?" I am beginning to question that philosophy and will make a case to challenge that belief. First off, it would be hard to argue that the Stars tryouts are some of the best and most exciting in the league. Talent,toughness,teamwork and skill have made scouts attend our camp like an allstar game. To have all that great talent at camp and what did we get for it? A deep well that we can bring in a player here or there when one doesn't work out?I have no doubt that the coach is the best GM in the league. One that can search for talent and bring in some great players. Hayes,Reekie,Messier etc. But this is a developmental league and are we really developing our players or just finding replacements for ones that don't work out? This should be a topic of investigation for Brent Wagner but since his blog is not what it used to be ,I will outline my point as the New Year has begun. Great coaches develop the talent they have. The Stars were blessed with a deep talent pool. since the start of the season I will show the amount of players each team has changed since it's start.(pointstreak is my source)This does not account for even trades which affect eachteam involved equally.The teams are arranged in order of present USHL standings and Team USA is exempt from this stat as they develop all their players.

East West

GB...3players OMA...3 players
Indy 2 players SF.....1 player
CR 3players Fargo..6 players

Y-town 3 players Tri City 4 players
chic 5 players Sioux City 5 players
w-loo 7 players DM.....3 players
USA N/A Lincoln.13 PLAYERS

If we continue to replace players and not give them chances like other teams than who in their right mind would want to come here and play? What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts? Amen!! Glad someone saw past the rainbows and sunshine and tells it like it is

starstruck said...

Not all of the 13 players listed on pointstreak have been "on the team". With the injuries this season, several players were brought in for one or more games. DeGarmo, from Lincoln, was on hand for a couple games to have the required back-up goaltender. Suter came in for a weekend as an additional forward. I believe he is on a team in Kansas City and was at try-outs this summer. McMinimy and Dakota Mermis are affiliates; each played during a weekend and remain as affiliates. It is possible one or both may return for future games.

Several of the 13 were not involved in our tryouts; they were picked up in trades or when released by another team. The player gets another chance to stay in the USHL and the Stars may find a player who is a good fit for the team. Of course that doesn't always work - Hoshaw, acquired in a trade from Waterloo, O'Leary, (I believe) a preseason release from Cedar Rapids, and George, a transfer from the league to which O'Leary was traded.

Of the 13, McNulty, Weissenhofer, Brockett & Racine attended tryouts and made the team; and of course, Chartier & Siers, the returning players who were traded. If it is found that a player will have a better opportunity to play the game and "develop" on another team or in another league, wouldn't that be better for the player as well?

Each team has a different set of circumstances, so is it meaningful to compare the numbers between teams? All are in unique positions as far as number of returning and new players and whether they are dealing with special situations like the injuries that have plagued our team this season.

Anonymous said...

Every team goes through a slump...Stars included they just need to focus on working as a team and bouncing back from a breakdown. We as fans can sit here and blame it on this or that but it isn't going to change anything. So really all we CAN do is be the best supportive fans.

Anonymous said...

Here come the anonymous arm-chair quarterbacks again. Coach McGroarty doesn't have to prove anything to you. The past two+ seasons he has developed countless players, and they all are playing college hockey right now. His job is to evaluate talent, and improve his team to the best of his abilities. Where were these arm-chair quarterbacks when Coach was acquiring players like Reekie, Hill, Forfar, and Messier? One lackluster half of a season, and the know it alls are already screaming for his head. How easy is it to forget how he turned around two teams early in the season, and made them playoff caliber teams. No, no, lets focus on the negative. Some of you are just spoiled. Show some backbone and support the TEAM.

-Bob from Section G