Monday, January 11, 2010

Halfway Point - 30 Games Remaining

The facts:
  • The Stars are currently 9-18-3 thru 30 games, which is statistically (.350 winning %) tied for last in the USHL.  Lincoln is in last place in the USHL West Division with 21 points.
  • Lincoln is riding an eight game losing streak, which is a franchise record.  However, three of those losses occurred in overtime-shootout.  The last three losses have all been by one goal.
  • The Stars have not won a home game since November 14th, and are 3-8 at home this season.
  • Lincoln has scored 71 goals in 30 games so far this season.  That averages out to be 2.37 goals per game, which is last in the USHL.
I want your opinions.  Can this team turn it around?  Is the talent level there this season?  What needs to happen for this team to make the playoffs this season?  Is making the playoffs possible?  We've already had some very good discussion of the season thus far in the comments section of the Cedar Rapids post-game article.  You can read those comments here.

You know the rules.  Don't even waste your time if you plan on insulting players and/or the coaches.  I don't want to read it, and I won't approve it.  You want to criticize?  Be constructive about it.  Hockey is a team effort, so understand that one player doesn't make or break a hockey club.  The Stars are there for our entertainment.  The world is not going to end if the Stars end the season with a losing record and don't make the playoffs.  Think about that before blasting a teenager because he made a few bad plays during a game.

I'd really like to hear from the lurkers out there.  I'm appreciative of all the blog regulars and their comments, but I'd like to also hear from the people who don't normally post.  You guys put up with my inane hockey ramblings, now it's my turn to hear your opinions.  Again, be respectful of the players and the coaches when posting.  I look forward to reading your comments.

Thank you.  Go Stars.


4theSTARS said...

I am behind the team and think they can turn the season around, is hoping when they finally get the win that they are so wanting comes at home; tomorrow night would be just fine for it to happen. Boy the ice box will be load and pounding. It was such a bummer to not win either game this weekend, but both were fun the watch and entertaining. Okay that is my two cents.

Norfolk Fan said...

In my 5+ seasons loyally following the Stars, I don't remember ever walking up the hill feeling, "...sorry for the kids". I see as much heart and effort in this team as any of the previous years. I believe the talent is there too.
To your question Yeti - yes, I do believe they can turn the season around, but the clock is ticking. They need to climb their way up to 4th place to make the playoffs. We've seeen in previous years, it's not always the team with the most points at the end of the season that goes the deepest into the playoffs, it's the hottest team.
The guys have the heart, desire, talent, and the best fans in junior hockey. All the ingredients are there for a memorable season.
I won't give up on the guys as long as they don't give up on themselves.
Go Stars!

Uncle Ray Ray said...

I do not think the playoffs are possible this year. It doesn't look like we have the talent. It seems like the rest of the teams are stronger and faster then our guys. There are a couple of players I would get rid of as fast as I could but I will not list their names here.

BellTolls said...

As much as I hate to agree with Uncle Ray Ray, his opinion is what I fear. It seems to me that this team is maximizing its potential and it still isn't good enough to win. I just don't see it this year on the ice. Every win we get we will have to scrape and claw for. This team isn't going to start winning 4-1 or 6-2 games. We'll win our share but we will have our work cut out for us. I don't think we have the overall team speed or strength, intimidation or scoring touch of past Stars teams. I hope to be very very wrong and eating crow at the end of a nice postseason run, but I'm not as confident as others. That said, I'll be there every time I can rooting for these guys. Their effort is incredible and I can only imagine how they are feeling.

tzweeb said...

heres what i see, not much!! i have had a wierd feeling this year at the games. it seems like more of what im doing is talking, not just about the team but making the games more of a social event.
i think if you listen to the crowd during the games, even this weekend when we were up or close to a win, there seems to be something not there.
of course the wins would help this.

so here is my observations, look at the poll this week. most fans seem to think we need a forward that scores.
what are the choices??
Bollig, enforcer
Gregoire, good hands and scoring
Henry, strong d man
Hill, good offense but not remembered
Reekie, well a brick wall.
not alot of voting but there is a definate leader there and gregs was one to make the others play to their own next level.
i do believe that 1 or 2 guys making that spectacular play can bring the whole team up to playing above their potential.
what do i want? to just have that winning attitude, and alot more noise from the fans!

Travis said...

I do not think the playoffs are a possibility and expect a lot more "choo choo less" nights at the Ice Box. The heart and desire (and most nights effort) are there, but I do not think we really have the talent to compete at a high level for an expended period of days. I say support the team, remember they are kids trying as hard as they can, enjoy the game of hockey (even though your team will not win many) and hope the organization can turn it around and we can be back to form next year.

Yeti said...

Thanks to all who have commented so far! I appreciate it. If you read this blog, and you have an opinion, I'd really like to hear it!

BTW, I'm a bit surprised Gregoire is doing so well in the front page poll. I did vote for him, but I thought all of the other choices were just as deserving. Looks like Reekie is starting to catch up, though.

lincolnfan said...

before the holiday break, i thought that we would be able to come back and start winning, but now i have my doubts about turning around and making the playoffs.. it's possible, but i don't see it happening. there's really no one to blame, it's just been an overall bad season with injuries and i don't think we have the skill/talent to compete with other teams.. but it's not a lack of effort at all. we're playing to our potential i think and it's just not working. i'm sure we will get some more wins and continue to improve, but i'm not sure the playoffs are in our future. i will still go to the games and support the team regardless of how they do, but i worry that the attendance may begin to go down.

Anonymous said...

COACHES COMMENTS: "You can say what you want,everybody fails in life."

Enough talk----How about some action

Off to cheer the Stars on tonight in Section M

long time season ticket holder said...

I'll go to the games no matter what, as others have said, stats don't lie. If you can stomach it, go to the ushl website, under the stats/standings check out the scoring leaders in the league, also sort by team to just see the stars players. We're struggling an aweful lot.

Anonymous said...

Desperately need scoring, why not try to get the kid who we have on our protcted list who is tearing up the Eastern league, you know Brents long lost relative.