Friday, January 29, 2010

1/29 Recap: Cedar Rapids 3, Lincoln 2, Shootout.

Cedar Rapids defeated Lincoln 3-2 in a shootout Friday night on Boy Scout night at the Ice Box. For the Stars, it was their fourth straight shootout loss. Jared Coreau was solid in net for the second straight game, making 32 saves on 34 shots.

Lincoln led 1-0 at the end of the second, thanks to an Andrew Ammon goal at the 5:15 mark. In the third, Cedar Rapids scored just 30 seconds in to tie the game, but Ryan Dzingel answered with a shot from the circle to put the Stars back up 2-1. Sam Warning tied the game at 7:56, then added the first goal in the shootout.

Coreau did well in the shootout, saving three of the Rough Riders' five shots, but as has been the story all season, Lincoln had trouble putting the puck in the net. Rough Riders' goalie Troy Grosenick saved all four Lincoln attempts. The Stars are 4-for-their last 18 in shootout attempts. Not going to win many shootouts at that rate, no matter how hot your goaltender is.

Although the Stars have dropped back-to-back games at home in extra time, this marks the first time in a month the Stars have earned points in consecutive games. (Ironically the last time they did was back-to-back extra-time losses).

Well, Steve Johnson is back in the house with his Fargo Force team on Saturday night. As Melbye said on the post-game show, Fargo is a team that really struggles to score. They are second in the league with 148 goals and only lit the board 9 times on Friday against Tri-City (including 8 different scorers). Needless to say, the Stars will have their hands full. It will be an odd sight to see Coach Johnson on the opponent's bench.


Anonymous said...

lincoln has had 18 penalty shots this season?

BellTolls said...

I'm talking only about shootouts.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, so shootout shots, then.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the article, BT. Well done.

That was another heart-breaking loss, but it was inspiring to see the players battle all night long. They came out very strong in the first period and put a ton of shots on Grosenick. Give credit to Grosenick for keeping his team in the game early on.

Very nice to see Jared Coreau continue to play well at home. He has deserved a better fate the past two games. I think he's playing with more confidence than at any time this season, so I hope the coaches start him tonight against Fargo.

Ryan Dzingel continues to impress the heck out of me. He always seems to be right in the middle of things on offense, and the coaches have enough faith in his defensive abilities to play him on the penalty kill unit. For as young as he is, Dzingel is VERY well-rounded.

I thought the penalty kill unit played great last night, which was a pleasant surprise. Just like the game against Cedar Rapids on 1/9, I thought the Stars outplayed the Roughriders for the majority of the game. The players are out there busting their butts, but just not getting anything to fall their way. It's frustrating, but you have to keep your chin up.

Unfortunately, I am on the road and will miss the game tonight. The Force are on a roll after clobbering Tri-City last night. Should be a very exciting game. I hope the fans tonight give Steve Johnson a warm welcome. He's a big reason why so many of us are Stars fans.

tzweeb said...

friday nights game, while yes it was a loss, was a fun game to watch.
the guys were skating hard to the puck, finishing their checks and actually hitting hard!! it reminded me of teams from years ago, and not the way we have been plkaying so far this year.
and once again the ice box was really rocking when the team needed us. i just love it when there are 4,610 fans ion the seats cheering and yelling to help our guys out!!
and for the "9 year season ticket holder" glad you got rid of your tickets, we didnt miss you last night!!!
look forward to seeing all the rest of us fans coming out again tonight and lets get these guys cheered on to a win!!

BellTolls said...

FYI, anonymous, shootout shots are still referred to as penalty shots, just penalty shots in shootouts. It's the same way in soccer; they shoot penalties if the score is tied at the end of overtime.

Force Blogger said...

I am envious of you guys getting 4,600 fans night in and night out. Was it like that from the beginning or did it take a while to build the fan base? Hopefully we start seeing 4,000+ consistently. We usually get around 3,200...4,000 makes for a 10x better atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

WOW that was a fun game to watch and witness. Tonight should be just as good.

BellTolls said...

Force Blogger, I heard that there was so much interest in the Stars in the inaugural season that the Stars owners didn't even know if they were going to have seats in the arena. Of course they could go wherever they wanted, but the interest took off right away. :)

Justin said...

Yes, as someone who was had season tickets for every year since the beginning, the interest has always been here.

Layla said...

Another interesting tidbit is the Stars paid off their 35 yr lease in about 2 yrs. We had a consecutive sell out streak of 200+ games. I can't remember when it ended, but it was what ever year Tulsa was in the league. We ended up having to play 2 of the road games at home cuz they had scheduling conflicts in their arena. Trying to schedule 2 more games when we were pretty much jam packed pretty much ended the streak. The capacity of the arena has also changed due to remodeling.

Force Blogger said...

Jealous...we get a good crowd once in a while and I don't think we have the population that you guys do...and a lot of the hockey fans go north the 75 miles to Grand Forks, ND to watch the Sioux every weekend. We also have the Spuds HS hockey team across the river and 4 HS teams in Fargo so there is a lot of hockey to watch in the area...Hopefully more people start coming consistently to Force games and we will catch up to you guys :)

tzweeb said...

force blogger, most the fans around here started off going to the lancer games on omaha first, there were lots of bus trips sponsored from bars in the lincoln area.
we are also a college town that gets behind winning teams. coach johnson got the team started off right and that just made it a very popular event right away. tickets were so hard to get back then.
we were lucky to be a season ticket holder from day 1. and yes i still have some of the trinkets from my old lancer days and going to the aksarben arena. many years ago now, and now we all love to hate the lancers!!!
we would love to see you guys be as popular up there and stick around in the league.
with all the talent and teams up there, it will be a hard task, so go out and bring your friends to a game. it does catch on and these kids play for real!!!
p.s. good job tonight, :(
also not always bashing the team and coaches helps too!!!