Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pregame Report: Tri-City Storm at Lincoln Stars 12/4

Teddy Bear Toss Edition!

The Lincoln Stars will be looking to win their third staight game this Friday night at the Ice Box when the Tri-City Storm invade the capital city to do battle with the boys in black and blue.  The Stars are a dismal 0-3 against the Storm this season, but despite that record, Lincoln is only two points behind the Storm in the USHL West Division standings.  The Stars are currently 8-12 (16 points), while the Storm sport a 7-8-4 (18 points) record.  After starting off the season 7-1-1, the Storm have been held without a win in their past 10 games.  In fact, the Storm's last win came way back on 11/3, in Kearney, against the Lincoln Stars.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Stars have won three of their last four games, and seem to be playing much better as a team.  The Stars are finally healthy (for the most part), and appear to be improving overall.  The Storm, however, are sinking faster than Mark Mangino in a giant vat of jello.  Despite that, the Storm are still a VERY dangerous team, as the Stars have witnessed three times already.

The big, and recent news this week was the trade of Stars forward Tucker Brockett to the Tri-City Storm.  You can read more about the trade here.  I'm on record stating that I don't like this trade at all, especially considering the Stars traded a first round pick along with Brockett for Storm forward Josh Berge.  Personally, if it was an even up trade, Brockett for Berge, I probably wouldn't have an issue with it.  I understand that Berge has proven himself in the USHL as being a guy who can put up points, but he will be gone after this season.  Brockett on the other hand, will probably play another season for TC after this season, plus the Storm get a first round pick.  I'm not going beat a dead horse, so I will move on.  I wish Brockett the best, and I will not be surprised at all if this trade comes back to bite Lincoln in the ass.

There might be another new face in the lineup Friday night, as defenseman Garrett Clement is rumored to be in town and close to ready to play for the Stars.  Clement was playing for South Kent Academy in Connecticut before coming to Lincoln.  Clement was a teammate for current Stars defenseman Will Rayner at South Kent.

According to Pointstreak, defenseman Steven Hoshaw was traded from the Stars to the the Wichita Falls Wildcats of the NAHL.  With the addition of Garrett Clement, it would make sense for the Stars to release a defenseman already on the roster.  I thought Hoshaw played one of his best games as a member of the Stars a few weeks ago when the Stars beat the Waterloo Blackhawks, 4-1.  Good to luck to Steven in the NAHL.

I'm really excited to see how the Stars play Friday night, as they have a lot riding on this game.  A two game winning streak, only two points behind TC in the standings, new players in the lineup (some going against their former team), and a huge Ice Box crowd.  The Stars defense seem to be coming together nicely as an overall unit, while the special teams, specifically the penalty kill, has improved ten fold.  With the defense gaining experience and confidence, I really hope the offense starts to find their grove and begin burying some pucks behind opposing goaltenders.  This team is due for a big, breakout game.  I hope we see it Friday night.

Faceoff is at 7:05pm.

Remember, the game Friday night is the annual Teddy Bear Toss night to benefit the Lincoln Action Program.  This is always a fun game to be at in person, so make sure you attend.  Drag as many friends and family members to this game, and have everyone bring a new stuffed animal.  Walgreen's will be selling new stuffed animals at the game if you forget to bring your own, or you don't have time to buy one before the game.  It's a great event for a great cause.  Be there.

Go Stars.

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tzweeb said...

mangino and jello.. i think you hit it in the gut on this one!!!

Ryan said...

Pointstreak now shows Hoshaw was traded to Wichita Falls of the NAHL.

Yeti said...

Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate the heads up. I'll update this article.

Anonymous said...

I hope the coaches take the blame for this one!!! After last weekend when you had lines starting to develop chemistry, special teams were figuring it out, and then they go and frickin switch everything up and there was absolutely no chemistry. I don't know if it was the trade(s) or what but this was a completely different team. Shame on the coaches...why do you mess with something when you finally get things going on the right page!!!!! Frustrating to say the least and I'm sure the players were frustrated as well.

Anonymous said...

Another great trade. That was sarcasm in case no one heard it. First Siers blindsided by his trade, now Brockett. We all need to still support our Stars boys, but perhaps someone is trying to get out of his contract early. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely baffled. This team didn't look ready to play and many of the earlier issues reared their ugly head again. Really unfortunate when things seemed to be going in the right direction. We had no flow, could not maintain any kind of offensive pressure, defense looked like, well the 'old' defense and while the goaltending was good at times, you can't give up those untimely back breakers that energizes the other team and leaves the Stars demoralized and all this against a team that is not that good and one that we could/should beat. How hard is it to maintain some type of consistency? We need our vet players to step up and do more than they are doing and we need to leave the lines alone so we can get some chemistry going.

James A.K.A. Li-Studios said...

Wow guys...You win some and you lose some. Calm down and support the team.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to acknowledge the Star fans - WOW! I've never seen so many Teddy Bears - way to support the team and the Lincoln Action Program. Very impressive...too bad the team couldn't deliver better results. The fans were definitely the winners in this game - kudos to everyone who came out and threw their teddy bears! The Stars have the BEST fans in the league.

Anonymous said...

I will have to disagree with that statement bout the best fans....true fans don't throw blame, yea they can be upset about a loss, but they should be supportive and encouraging. Yea we might have had allot of support with all the teddy bears. But all these post and early posts i've read don't really follow that statement up. Just my opinion.

Go Stars!

Crazy Carl said...

Annonymous... If you're going to insult the fans, at least put your name on the post.