Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Facebook goodness

I noticed a few days ago that there is a new Lincoln Stars fan page on Facebook.  I believe this group is run by the Stars organization, so consider it the "official" Stars Facebook fan page.  Related to that, I created our own fan page on Facebook, which is sort of like the group I already created, except this new group is a fan page.  I guess there is a difference between a Facebook "group," and a "fan page."  Confused yet?

Anyway, click here for the new, "official," Lincoln Stars fan page on Facebook.

Click here for the new "Black and Blue" fan page on Facebook.

Click here for a Lincoln Stars fans group on Facebook that has been around awhile.

Click here for a David Reekie group I created a few years ago.   Writing stories for this group gave me the idea of starting this blog. Click on the "Info" tab to check out the Reekie writeups.

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