Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game Recap: Tri-City Storm at Lincoln Stars 12/4

Final Score:  Tri-City 6, Lincoln 2

The Lincoln Stars fell to 0-4 against Tri-City this season as the Storm reeled off four straight goals to pull away and defeat the hometown Stars, 6-2.  The Stars got off to a 1-0 first period lead when Jon Puskar batted the puck past Storm goaltender Carsen Chubak on the powerplay for his third goal of the season.  That lead only lasted three minutes, as Storm defenseman Andrew Panzarella wristed the puck from the Stars blueline past goaltender Matt Green to even the game at 1-1.  With only 11 seconds left in the first period, Storm forward Brett Mohler scored a powerplay goal to give TC a 2-1 lead going into the first intermission.  Dominick Shine opened the scoring in the second period, giving the Stars some life with his fifth goal of the season, his first in his last 13 games.  The Stars penalty kill woes continued a few minutes later as Storm forward Maxwell Tardy scored on the powerplay to give TC a 3-2 lead at the second intermission.  In the third period, it was all Tri-City.  The Storm scored three goals in the third period, one of which was the Storm's third powerplay goal of the game, to seal the victory and give Tri-City a 4-0 record against the Stars this season.  The Storm were 3-for-6 on the powerplay, while Lincoln was 1-for-5 with the man advantage.

With the loss, the Stars are now 8-13 (16 points), and in last place in the USHL West Division.  Only Team USA (.250) has a worst winning percentage than the Stars (.381) right now.  The Stars do not play again until next weekend when they travel to Indiana to take on the Ice on Friday (12/11) and Saturday (12/12) night.

Well, it was pretty obvious to everyone in attendance last night that Tri-City is by far the better team.  No way to sugar-coat this loss.  The Stars could not sustain ANY kind of offensive pressure against the Storm.  It was a shot on goal, maybe two, and then the puck was out of the TC defensive zone.  Credit the Storm for wanting it more, and skating harder than the Stars.  I can't count how many times I watched Storm forwards skate around Stars defensemen last night.  I was really impressed with the overall team speed of the Storm.  They have a number of forwards who can fly.  Matt Green did not have his best game of the year, as he surrendered a couple of long distance blue line wristers that should have been stopped.  In the third period especially, it seemed like the Storm just wanted it more.  I didn't see any sense of urgency from the the Stars in that third period. 

Onward and upward!  This one was frustrating to watch, but we have to continue to support the team through these tough times.  The Stars seem to play better on the road, so I am hopeful they can take two against the Ice next weekend.  The main thing I'd like to see from the Stars is consistency.  One game they are giant killers, the next game they are sleepwalking on the ice.

Go Stars.


Yeti said...

The highlight of the night for me was finally meeting "NorfolkFan." Had a nice conversation with him during the second intermission. It's great to run into folks from this blog, and the Blueline blog.

Anonymous said...

Not a better team-a better coached team!!

Jeff in Section D said...

^^^^Another drive-by, anonymous comment. Just curious, since you obviously think you can do a better job, what would you do different?

Everyone loves to armchair quarterback when the team is down. Everyone is an expert. All of a sudden, everyone knows how to coach the team better than the guy actually getting PAID to do the job.

Unbelievable. I hate bandwagon fans.

Layla said...

I think the Stars should have a charity auction, have a exhibition game and all these "Fans" who think they can do better can bid to coach the players. And the boys have to do what ever the "coach" says no matter how stupid or counterintuitive it may be to what ever they've learned through out their hockey careers. Make these people put their money where their mouths are.

Anonymous said...

Tell me what you think of this line?

Chartier Brockett Siers

Hoshaw weisenhofer


Anonymous said...

According to Pointstreak, Tucker got the third - and game winning - goal. Good job Tucker.

- fangers

Yeti said...

Anonymous at 6:48pm:

I'll take this line instead. All players acquired by McGroarty.

Ryan Kretzer - Kirt Hill - Garrett Vermeersch

Lyon Messier - Mike Dalhuisen

David Reekie

Layla said...

Tucker didn't exactly score the 3rd goal, Reid tipped it in and Tucker was the last TC player to touch it. He said that our boys are still helping him LOL

Travis said...

I have to somewhat agree with "Mr. Annonymous". I have always been a McGroarty supporter, and will continue to be, but this trade by the week crap(now even with a first round draft pick included) is getting darn old. Hard to have consistency when the darn team changes by the week. Yeti, I agree with you that McGroarty has gotten some good players in the past, but with all do respect, but that is exactly that - THE PAST. In my opinion he is not pushing the right buttons this year. Same song and dance every post-game interview. I hope it gets turned around, but it is getting pretty darn frustrating.


ps - To the jerk is Section F who yelled and my wife and kids and I when we left with 1:30 left in the game - Yes, we are Huskers fans!!!!

nopuckluck said...


I'll take your line, probably could throw Forfar on that line too.

Coach M will be just fine, I can say this team is better than it was 4 weeks ago. When Ammon and Rayner get healthy, we will see some good competition for playing spots.

Yeti said...


You make some valid points, and I appreciate your input..but don't you think Coach McGroarty deserves some time to get things right without fans yelling and screaming for his head? Where would the Stars be the past two seasons without all of the great players McGroarty acquired in trades, waiver pickups, or just convincing kids like Reeks and Mess that Lincoln is a great place to play hockey? I understand fans are not happy with the Stars play so far this season. I'm sure the coaches aren't either. They can't snap their fingers and make it all better. It's going to take some time. These kids HAVE proven they can play with, and beat the top teams in the USHL. Consistency is the main issue right now. Right now we just have to be patient, and let the coaches do what they do

I just wish some of our fans would just show a little patience with the coaches and the players. They need our support now more than ever.

Travis said...

I agree Yeti. Not calling for his head. I will continue to support him and the team. Patience was tested Friday and I still cannot believe they traded Brocket. Brocket and Berge straight up - Ok, I can deal with it (somewhat). Brocket and a first round pick for Berge - crazy in my opinion. Hopefully we can start gelling and get some wins. I hate going to the best place in town (the Ice Box) and leaving pissed off. I miss the Choo Choo Train ;) Go Stars! Get two in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Yeti,point taken for the trades the past two years.The list I provided was this season.If you lookat the post at 6:48, for all those players, what did we come away with? Berge?

Yeti said...


Well the Stars received some draft picks for Chartier, Siers, and Racine. From my understanding, when the Stars trade a player to the NAHL, it's usually a cash deal. The NAHL team send cash to the USHL team, and the player is traded.