Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breaking Roster News: Tucker Brockett Traded to Tri-City

Wow. This is just as much of a stunner as the Jimmy Siers/Steve Racine trade. I am sitting here with my jaw on the keyboard.

I was just checking the Pointstreak transaction page, and saw that forward Tucker Brockett was traded to the Tri-City Storm for forward Josh Berge.  According to an article posted on the Tri-City Storm website, the Stars also traded a first round draft pick to the Storm with Brockett for Berge.
Brockett ('90) scored 10 points (4g, 6a) in 20 games with Lincoln this season. In those 20 games, Brockett was -4, with 36 PIM's, and 28 shots on goal.

Berge ('90) scored 12 points (2g, 10a) in 19 games with Tri-City. In those 19 games, Berge was -3, with 16 PIM's, and 52 shots on goal. Berge is no stranger to the Stars, as he completing his third year in the USHL. In three games against Lincoln this season, Berge has 4 points (1g, 3a). Berge was also the captain on the Storm team this season.  Berge has committed to play for Minnesota State-Mankato in the Fall of 2010.

Berge and Brockett are also very similar in size. Berge is 5'9", 160 pounds while Brockett is 5'8", 170 pounds. Josh Berge's older brother Mick Berge is a name that should be familiar with most Stars fans. Mick played three season for the Stars from 2002-2005.

I am really, really sad to see Brockett leave the Stars.  He was by far my favorite new player on the team.  Despite his size, he played like he was 6'4" and 220 pounds.  He was a pint-sized warrior.  I really enjoyed watching him battle non-stop on the ice.  He's a kid with a huge heart, and walnuts as big as church bells.  His drive and effort on the ice will be greatly missed.

Edit: Just noticed this article regarding the trade posted on the official Tri-City Storm website.

KEARNEY, NE – The Tri-City Storm has acquired forward Tucker Brockett and a 2010 first-round draft pick from the Lincoln Stars in exchange for Storm forward and captain Josh Berge.

Storm Head Coach/General Manager Drew Schoneck announced the trade Thursday afternoon.

Brockett, a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, had four goals and six assists in 20 games this season for the Stars. He is committed to play for Princeton University in the Fall of 2011, which means he will have at least one more season in the USHL.

“Brockett is an energy guy that plays feisty, as well as physical and has a nose for the net,” said Schoneck about the 5-foot-10, 180 pound forward. “He’s a smart player with good vision and can make plays.”

Last season, Brockett played for the Cleveland Barons Midget Major team and had 25 goals and 81 points in 44 games. He was second in the nation in scoring in Tier I - Midget Major Hockey.

Brockett will wear number ‘16’ for the Storm on Friday night against his former team, the Stars.

In addition to acquiring Brockett, the Storm acquired Lincoln’s first-round draft pick for the 2010 USHL Entry Draft, which gives Tri-City two first-round picks.

This season, Berge had 12 points in 19 games for the Storm (7-8-4, 18 pts). However, he only had two goals out of the 12 points.

Schoneck added, “Obviously, when you are in a funk changes have to be made and this will hopefully jump start us going into Christmas and beyond.”


Yeti said...

The more and more I find out about this trade, the more I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Berge is done after this season, while Brockett will play another whole season for the Storm. Berge may put up more points, but I think Brockett adds something in terms of grit that Berge doesn't have. Also, the Stars trade away yet another first round pick.

Nope. Don't like this trade at all. I hope to be proven wrong.

MacAttack said...

WOW! Never would have imagined this one. Brockett was one of my favorites of the new kids too. Over in section M, a couple of us had nickenamed him the "Pocket Rocket" as his style of play was definitely all out every second he was on the ice.
Will be interesting to see how Berge fits in with the team and having to play his old team first time out.

MacAttack said...

I am thinking Steven Hoshaw is gone from the team as well. References have been made on the internet to his being "deep in the heart of Texas" and "welcome to Wichita Falls".

starstruck said...

Reeling a little bit too - saw this transaction on pointstreak right before checking out the Black & Blue. As a fan of Brockett, this one stings a little - especially with Tri-City involved! Wow is right!

Coach seems to be getting the team on track so must have his reasons - hope it works out for the best for both players & of course, for our Stars!

Go Stars!

tzweeb said...

well berge was the captain for the storm, but i have to agree that when we give up a first round pick for next year...??
i am glad that im not a coach cause this is one trade that i would not have done. player for player maybe, but not with a first round pick.
i know that jimmy usually has a good eye for talent, but isnt he the smae guy that picked uor guys to start this year?? maybe its just something w eneed to expect, that we need to go about 15-20 games before we can expect results.
look at tri city, they have lost 10 in a row and are going down again this friday!! make it 11 guys!!

dont forget to bring your teddies!!

Justin said...

Mac Attack... Yes Hoshaw left last night, he's gone to play in Wichitia.

Anonymous said...

wow...good luck Tucker.


Anonymous said...

Brockett, Siers, Hoshaw, Weisenhoffer, and even Chartier. 5 players I would have thought coach would have wanted to keep together.

BellTolls said...

I have no problems with trades, but I am skeptical about losing 1st, 2nd, even 3rd round draft picks year after year. We are missing out on drafting the top youth players in the nation, and it's not like we're bringing in super stars for these trades, at least not that I've seen yet. We did not have a pick until the 4th round last year. It's interesting if you go look at some of the stats the 1st and 2nd round guys are putting up...a few of them are leading their teams in scoring as rookies. I just wonder if Berge is a player that is really worth Brockett + a 1st rounder. Quite frankly, looking at the stats, it's a valid argument that he may not even be worth Brockett. Oh well, gotta trust coach on this one. He's proven himself time and again. Should be an interesting game on Friday, we need a W. Go Stars!!!

Layla said...

But being a first round draft pick doesn't always guarantee a player who is able to compete at this level, look at DeMartino he's been bounced around so much. Some of our better players throughout the years have been lower drafted players or undrafted. While getting top picks is nice, I think some are placing too much weight on the importance of having a high draft pick.
That being said, I would have rather kept Brockett, but I welcome Josh to Lincoln and wish him the best of luck.

BellTolls said...

I certainly agree with you, Layla. I've always realized that draft picks are a little overrated, and it's always a crap-shoot. However, all these coaches are very good scouts and the players that are going to be stars in this league usually go in the first few rounds. When we don't have a selection until Round 4, we are losing out on a lot of great talent. Just a quick glance at last year's draft, although Demartino flopped, Erik Haula (Rd. 2) leading Omaha in scoring. Michael Voran (Rd. 1) leading Sioux Falls in scoring. Willie Yanakeef Rd. 1) .917 save percentage for Sioux City...I know it's early in the season, but I can't even think of who would represent our team in the All-Star Game right now...maybe Reid but his stats are just OK. I'm not trying to be negative, but I just think we should save a first round draft pick every once in a while and get the player at the top of our scouting list.

tzweeb said...

ok i like the way that coach m gets our team to jell after 15-20 game, and he brings in the guys to make it happen.
shouldnt we also be on him and the staff as they are the ones that pick the guys from the pre season tryouts?
after we lose any chance for a top draft pick, he does make the team come togther after 1/3rd of the season.
so how come we dont get the right guys to start with?
coaching is the hardest thing about the USHL and getting a team of players is the coaches job.
coach m has proven he can provide a team that will be there at the end.
we need to get behind coach and the team and make sure we support whomever is trying to make the stars a winning team.

tzweeb said...

bell, i agree, a first or second round pick, "once in a while" would be nice. who knows what would happen if we actually had that happen for us???

BellTolls said...

unfortunately TZ I believe the last one we had was Richard Manley...we all know how that went. But at 6'5" and with the stats he had, I think you could say he was drafted to fit our system and not because he has pure hockey talent. He wasn't expected to be a leading scorer on the team though.

Travis said...

BS Trade in my opinion. Good luck Tucker.

Anonymous said...

I think all of you are forgetting about what happens off the ice! That is something we don't know about for the most part and we shouldn't have to know. But with that said if some of these players acted off the ice like they do on the ice maybe they wouldn't find themselves traded away. There has to be a balance between fan favorites and players who in the long run can get us to the playoffs. I think you forget that is why we pay coaches and we are in fact THE ONE AND ONLY LINCOLN STARS.....where everyone wants to play.

Anonymous said...

are you implying that the trade was made because of something that happened off ice? Do you have inside information or are you just trying to stir the pot>

Anonymous said...

Is Coach McGroarty to be taken seriously? The Brockett trade makes no sense at all. On October 30, in an article in the Lincoln Journal Star, coach McGroarty was quoted as saying that he didnt expect Brocket to produce until Christmas. He was singing Brockett's praises. Three weeks later, McGroarty trades him, claiming Tucker is not producing. Nonsense! Tucker WAS producing. He had 10 points in 20 games, which is pretty good for a first year USHL player. And when Brockett didnt score, he was always a threat to score because he is a skilled player with proven scoring ability (Brockett was second in the country in scoring last year in Midget AAA). McGroarty defends this by saying "but Tucker didnt score in 13 straight games." So what? NEITHER DID HALF OF THE STARS FORWARDS SCORE IN 13 STRAIGHT GAMES. Why not trade them too? Brockett started strong, but then didnt score for a few weeks and was put on the 4th line and taken off the power play. Of course that is going to effect a player's points? Even so, Brockett was still one of the leading scorers on the team when he was traded for supposed "non-production." McGroarty's stated reasons for trading Brockett dont hold water and suggest either (1) the coach doesnt know what he is doing, or (2) he is making up things about Brockett in an effort to justify the unjustifiable. My bet: Burge will not likely produce more than Brockett this year and he will certainly be gone at the end of the year. But Brockett will play another year for Tri-City and probably burn up the league next year.