Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snapshot of the Game - Storm at Stars 10/31

I have time to post a quick picture from last nights game, courtesy of Brandon Anderson (photographer of the Lincoln Stars). Make sure you check out Brandon's website for more Stars pictures. He does a fantastic job.

Great shot of Patrick George of the Stars and Andrew Panzarella of the Storm throwing bombs from the fight last night. Even though George got the wrong end of the fight, you have to give him credit for dropping the mitts to try to get his teammates fired up. Takes guts to do that, especially against a guy who is known for fighting.

Go Stars.


BA Photos said...

Damn that photo is more out of focus than i thought ....... epic fail

Anonymous said...

haha. I was thinking the same thing. I'm thinking that the photographer may want to take that one down!

tzweeb said...

lol you are your own worse critic!! i was there and saw the fight, but i think its a great photo.
you can tell both of them have their eyes closed as they are both going to take one to the face.
yes george may have recieved the last blow and that would make him on the wrong end of the fight.

i still wouldnt say he "lost" the fight but maybe mr siers could start a training program for the guys!!!! in how to throw a punch and not how to draw a double minor, by the way it was a weak call.

Li-Studios A.K.A. James said...

Focus is not the end all in photography. This shot is about as blurry as my vision was by the this point in the game. I paid allot of money in alcohol to achieve that blurry vision. And now I have a photo to always remember it the same way I saw it the first time. well done BA!

Anonymous said...

I caught the game on B-2..In the first period I thought the Stars were playing well and 1st year defenseman Dax Lauwers looked really good..had a great hit on Jensen, to quote the announcer.."Lauwers lights up Jensen". This team will come around it is still early in the season.