Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roster update mania

Brent Wagner of the Lincoln Journal Star has posted some very good info this morning about some of the recent roster changes made by the Stars. You can read his blog article here. Brent states:

--Lincoln has added forward Michael Pereria to the roster, but he hasn’t committed to coming to Lincoln just yet. He is a top player at South Kent, a prep school in Connecticut. He’s committed to UMass. The head coach at South Kent is reported to have been fired, and Pereria may be looking to make a move. More on South Kent later. Pereria is supposed to be a high-skilled guy with speed. Again, he’s on the roster so if he wants to come to the USHL Lincoln has his rights.

--Another South Kent guy, defensemen Garrett Clement has been added to the roster. I guess the college guys like him, as well. He’s not committed to Lincoln yet either, but it sounds more promising. If/when Pereria and Clement decide they want to be a Star, it likely won’t happen until after Thanksgiving (which is coming quick, I guess.)

--One guy for sure is coming from South Kent School. It’s Jon Bellonio, and he’ll join Nick Fouts as an assistant coach for the rest of the year. He was on the staff at South Kent, and played with Fouts in New England. He was expected to arrive in town Wednesday night. With a young team, coach wants some more help. He probably hopes that helps get Clement and Pereria, too.

--There is a goalie coach in town this week helping out. It’s not uncommon in the USHL to have a guy who knows goalies to stop in for a brief time. A lot of coaches will admit they don’t always know what to tell goalies.

--After trading backup goalie Steve Racine to Waterloo last week, the Stars have added goalie Matt Green. He’s from Buffalo, New York and had pretty good numbers in the British Columbia League this year (think the Anthony Borelli story). He was at the Stars tryout camp this summer, but didn’t have a great camp. Coach is glad to have him now, and is hoping for a good competition between Green and Jared Coreau. Green was a good goalie in midgets playing with Brent Tate and John McCarron.

--Jared Hanson, Will Rayner and Andrew Ammon will still be out with injuries this weekend, but that should be it. There are no fill-in players expected this weekend.

--Kyle Gibbons and Garrett Peterson are still on league suspension for Friday, but will play Saturday.

--With adding Green, Clement and Pereria the roster spots are full for now. “We added some players that are going to help us down the stretch,” McGroarty says.

I really like the fact that the Stars organization is being proactice by hiring an another full-time assistant coach, as well as bringing in a goaltender coach part-time. Doing that can only help this team.

Garrett Clement was someone I had heard about a few weeks ago, possibly coming to the Stars. Both Clement and Mike Pereira both played with Stars defenseman Will Rayner at South Kent Prep Schol. Hopefully both players report to Lincoln after Thanksgiving. Interesting that Brent states that Jared Hanson is still on the team, even though he is not listed on the Stars Pointstreak roster.

Edit: Boy, things are really changing with this team. I almost can't keep up with all these roster updates. I just noticed another new name on the Pointstreak roster page for the Stars. His name is Alec Rush ('90), who is a defenseman from Sioux Falls. Rush played 9 games for the Stampede this season, and played 46 games for the Tri-City Storm last season. He is 6'1" 205 pounds, and hails from Eden Prarie, MN. Stars forward Patrick George is x'ed out on the roster page, so I am assuming he has been released. However, you never know what to trust on the absense of George and Jared Hanson could be a mistake. If any of my readers has more specific information to share in regards to this, please feel free to comment.

Go Stars.


Anonymous said...

New D-Man Alec Rush came from Sux Falls, and Tri-City.

Anonymous said...

First anonymous....Yeti posted that already.

starstruck said...

Good to see Coach take extra steps to help turn things around for this team. Pereria & Clement sound like great additions, but I won't be overly hopeful unless we hear something more definite. We have had a few others on the protected list that never showed up to wear the Stars jersey. (But prove my skepticism wrong, please! Get them to a Stars home game to help the cause.) So many changes, I need a scorecard to keep track.

Friday & Saturday Stars meet up with a couple teams that are due some payback. We know it will all work out guys - take it one game at a time! Go Stars!!

starstruck said...

A coworker reminded me the season opener men's basketball game is at the Devaney Saturday night at 7. You may want to plan your arrival at Saturday's Stars game accordingly.

Yeti said...

There is also a women's basketball game tonight at 7pm, but that shouldn't cause to much of a traffic/parking headache.

I'd show up a little earlier than normal Saturday night, though.

I am going to try to write up a quick weekend preview today, but work is very I can't promise anything. I apologize for the lack of pre and post game reports as of late. Nate and I have both been really busy lately.

BA Photos said...

The pointstreak roster is correct but dosent tell the details, Pat George is off the roster but still on the team, hes scratched for 10 games in order to open up a spot on the roster for a few of these new guys to show if they have what it takes to play for us. after these 10 days Jimmy is going to have a descison to make weather to keep George or a new player.

layla said...

unless of course someone else picks him up

tzweeb said...

hey BA, can you get the pics from halloween to yeti or somehow post the one of the pirate and of swede? i want to let layla see the pirate and print the one of swede to post of the booster club banner up by mine and his swedes seats.
thanks, even if you cant do it. those are 2 really good pics!!

BA Photos said...

They are on the stars web site

Anonymous said...

So USHR is now listing a roster for Gunnery (where Pereira was rumored to be transferring) and he’s not on it. They’ve yet to put up a roster for South Kent. So basically I still have no idea where he’ll be playing. Supposedly his father was at the UMass-Yale game last night but I didn’t have the fortune to run into him myself to ask about Mike.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the info, rocks. I appreciate it. I haven't heard anything more about Pereira on my end. The fact that he isn't on the roster for Gunnery, and more than likely won't be on South Kent's roster, indicates the possibility of him coming to play in Lincoln. I'm sure we'll know more about what is really going on behind the scenes after Thanksgiving.