Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick roster update - Thanksgiving edition

Much thanks go out to the folks who contacted me with this information.  I always appreciate a "heads up."

It appears the Stars have traded defenseman Daniel Weissenhofer to the Bismark Bobcats of the NAHL.  Weissenhofer played in 14 games with the Stars, and recorded 3 points and 26 PIM's.  Honestly, I thought Daniel played pretty solid the times I saw him in person.  Due to the fact that Coach McGroarty has brought in so many defensemen this year, I think this was a case of Daniel being the odd man out in terms of experience.  He'll get a ton of playing time in the NAHL, and as a '91, he'll be ready for the USHL next season for sure.  Good luck to him.

At the Indiana game last night, I saw a new player walking around with the scratches (Ammon and Hoshaw).  I did not recognize the player at all, so I am clueless who he could be.  If I had to guess, I'd say it could have been Garrett Clement, the defenseman from South Kent Prep School.  I also was informed that Michael Pereira, the highly touted forward also from South Kent Prep School, is no longer listed on the Lincoln Stars roster on Pointstreak.  It is still unknown whether or not Pereira will leave the east coast and play for the Stars. 

I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to do a quick recap of the Indiana/Lincoln game from last night.  Tough loss, considering the Stars played very well, in my opinion.  I thought the Ice had better team speed, but the Stars battled with them all night, and save for a few lucky bounces, they outplayed the Ice for the majority of the game.  Anyway, more on that game later.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Go Stars.


Matt said...


according to the article on the LJS

Roster updates

Defensemen Garrett Clement is expected to report to Lincoln by next week and should in the lineup when Lincoln hosts Tri-City on Dec. 4.

Clement was at South Kent prep school in Connecticut and is getting lots of attention from college recruiters. The Stars hope Clement can add a spark to the power-play unit.

Another South Kent player, forward Michael Pereria, was added to the Stars protected roster two weeks ago, but he won't be coming to Lincoln.

Defenseman Will Rayner and forward Andrew Ammon will come off the 45-day injured reserve next week, but neither will probably be ready to play again for at least a few weeks.

To make room on the roster, rookie defenseman Dan Weissenhofer was traded to Bismarck, N.D., of the North American Hockey League.

tzweeb said...

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and gave a prayer to our troops that were not at home to enjoy our freedom they are protecting.

notes from wed...we did look very good for the first 50 mins or so until they got ahead.
after that we did look like we had lost the edge we needed to pull back again. 2 come backs to tie are very good but 3 times in a night is just too much for oour team right now.
i saw some very good passing and players being in the right places. still made some minor errors but the whole team looked better.
the 2nd goal was just a sloppy shot that dropped over the shoulder of green and things could have been much different.
big mo just couldnt find his way to help our guys out but the crowd was totally into the game. it was nice to hear the ice box rockin again!!!
on another note, i heard the guys were traveling over thanksgiving and having peanut butter and jelly. we really need to thank all the team and support them when they get back here next friday. hope they guys get a chance to have some sort of holiday.
happy thanksgiving and see you all at 4 a.m. waiting in line somewhere!!!

tzweeb said...

and another thing.... we got our first shortie!!!