Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pregame Report - Lincoln at Tri-City 11/3

Tonight the Stars will faceoff against the Tri-City Storm for the second time in four days, as Lincoln travels to Kearney for a mid-week game against the Storm. This will be the third time the Stars and Storm have met in the regular season, with the Storm winning the first two games handily; 4-1 in Kearney on 10/20, and 5-1 in Lincoln on 10/31. The Stars have lost five out of their last six games, and are only two points removed from last place in the USHL West Division. On the opposite side of the coin, the Tri-City Storm, coming off a miserable 2008-’09 season, are currently 6-1-1, and are in third place in the West Division. The Stars have multiple players out with injuries or sickness, while the Storm are confident, healthy, and loaded with fast, skilled forwards.

These are strange times for the Stars. In the past two years under McGroarty, I’m not sure I remember a time when they had so many players out due to injury. Also, I can’t remember a time when they had lost five of six games. We’ve all talked about it here a million times before, but this is a very inexperienced team compared to the first two teams under Coach McGroarty. So when you factor in the rash of injuries, you’ve got a team that is struggling right now to keep it all together. The important thing right now is to support the players just as strongly as we do when they are winning. It’s easy to sit anonymously behind a computer screen and bitch and moan about how this player isn’t playing well, or how this coach isn’t coaching as well as he should. We’re fans, and we have no idea what goes on in practice, or in the locker room. What we can do is continue to be the best fans in the USHL, support the players and the coaches through these tough times, knowing that they will eventually turn it around. The season is still VERY young.

Faceoff is at 7:05pm.

Go Stars.

Note: Make sure you stop by the blog tonight as we will be blogging live during the game. We had a very good turnout last Friday for the Sioux Falls game, so I am hoping we’ll see even more people participate and comment throughout the game.


Brandon Anderson said...

more than likely i will be at the game tonite, dont know if the live blogging will work on my AT&T Iphone (sorry little Todd N Tyler Joke here) but if it does ill check in.

Li-Studios A.K.A. James said...

Well said about the "anonymously bitching and moaning" Lol .