Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Live Blog: Lincoln Stars at Tri-City Storm 11/3

This new comment/chat feature worked really well last week for the Sioux Falls game, so I decided to give it another shot. For the game against the Stampede, we recorded over 550 individual messages during the game!

With this chat feature, our comments will stream live during the game like an instant message. No more checking for new comments, or hiting refresh a million times, it all happens live on this page. You won't need to sign up for anything, or even provide your email address to comment. Just type in a name, and post your comment.

Hope to see even more fans here than we had last week. I'll open up the comments at 7:00pm.

Go Stars.

Edit: I might be a little late starting this tonight, so if it is not up and running at 7pm...be patient. I'll start it up as soon as I can. Thanks.


Li-Studios A.K.A. James said...


Fargo Force Blogger said...

You guys are obsessed with David Reekie, lol.

Yeti said...

Thanks to everyone who participated during the game last night! We had a total of 736 comments!! Great to see so many folks participate, and chat throughout the game. I got a lot of positive feedback offline, so I think we found something we will continue to use throughout the season for road games.

The bad news is that I won't be doing a live blog for the game in Waterloo this Saturday night. I've got plans that night, so I wouldn't be able to moderate it. Also, the Huskers are playing Oklahoma that night at the same time...so I doubt we'd get that many visitors anyway.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Travis said...

Tough game last night. Caught most of it on the radio. Sounds like we may be ever more shorthanded in Waterloo. Tough start to the season. Hopefully everyone can keep the faith and this team can get healthy and start to gell. Lot of season left to go.

StarsHckyFan said...

Just wanted to say that I was @ the game last night and really thought the guys played great. We didnt get the outcome we wanted but this is one of the best games the guys have played in a while. They played together as a team and played hard for the whole game. They never quit and also almost scored what seemed like 10 times in the last minute of the game. Even with being shorthanded they came out playing great. I personally dont have one negative thing to take out of last nights game except for that we lost. But also need to point out that Tri-Citys D played pretty good all night and their goalie made tons of great saves.

Im just waiting for our team to get healthy and then I think that everyone will have to watch out for us!

Stephen Heisler said...

I would like to talk to you about writing a weekly Stars report for our site at http://AmericanJuniorHockey.com

Please give me a call. 832-445-9983

PensFan71 said...

Sounds like Gerths is kicking some butt in the tourny this week. In the exhibition game against Canada West he had 2 assists. Then in the game against Belarus he had a goal and an assist. Then he had another goal against Sweden.


Anonymous said...

Siers and Racine just got traded to Waterloo

Anonymous said...

The revolving door keeps swinging...just checked pointstreak and it appears that Jimmy Siers and Steve Racine have been traded to Waterloo! Does anyone know who or what the Stars go in return - hopefully some healthy bodies!