Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jimmy Siers: Class Act

Much has been made about Jimmy Siers' fighting ability, and rightfully so. But for such a tough guy on the ice, Siers seems like a great person off the ice. Not only has Melbye often talked about Siers' 4.0 GPA in high school, but now Siers sent a note to the Journal Star's Brent Wagner for Stars fans to read. Here's what Siers wrote Brent:

"I'd just like to say thank you to all the Stars fans and people from Lincoln, particularly Rod and Connie Schwindt, for supporting me and our team. The players, coaches, staff, and fans in Lincoln have been unbelievable. I had the time of my life while here. Coach McGroarty and his staff are great coaches and truly dedicated to this team and have always done what is best for the Stars. Trades are a part of hockey, my trade being no different. I was upset about leaving Lincoln, but the people and players at Waterloo have also made me feel welcomed. I wish best of luck to all the players and coaches in Lincoln and thanks for such a great experience!"

- Jimmy Siers


BA Photos said...

I wouldnt expect anything less from Jimmy

Anonymous said...

That's cool. I wonder if Racine feels the same way.

Justin said...

I noticed Siers went over and shook the coaches' hands after the Waterloo game. Classy move.

Anonymous said...

Have met him here in Waterloo and he is definitely an outstanding young man. A great asset to the Black Hawks.