Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pregame Report - Lincoln at Omaha 10/10

Well, I'm just about to head out the door and drive on up to Omaha for the big game tonight. So this will be VERY short.

This will be the first time the Stars and Lancers have met this season, and the two teams will not meet again until January of 2010. Like every game with Omaha, I expect this game to be very intense, with a lot of hitting.

I hope the little bit of snow we got this morning won't scare away the Lincoln fans. I expect to see a lot of us up there at the Civic tonight.

Faceoff is at 7:05pm.

Go Stars.


tzweeb said...

well what can i say about the game at the civic... lots of people that just wanted to make noise by blowing horns... not at any particular time, just the whole game. really it got old after about two minutes into the game.
the train horn after a goal just doesnt do anything for me. its real loud and well something i dont want to ever hear again, so next time we better shut them out.
the all metal boards have a very distinct sound when players hit them and the crowd doesnt have anything close to the ice box for cheers.
i do like "the boys are back in town" song much better then the really over used heat song.
one good thing was to see a sign over beadman showing section 209!!
last year DA told us that he didnt want to put in a video system as it takes away from the players and the game. reason.. most people just go to the games to get themselves on the tv screen. after tonight i can see what he means and most of the lancer people, i wont call them fans, were not paying attention to the game, but just to the tv's.
i thought our guys looked like they were out on the ice alone and were not playing as a team. more work needs to be done on getting people away from our net and in front of theirs.
saw that friday and also tonight.
im sure coach m will get these guys to gel and put the stars on top of the USHL again.

Yeti said...

I agree about the plastic horns. Luckily, I didn't have anyone around me blowing one...although there was somebody in the next section who thought it would be a good idea to blow on it continually throughout the game. During intermissions, and breaks in the play..fine. But not during play, and ALL night long. I would have been arrested for sure if I had somebody like that behind me.

I'm not a fan of video screens either. I agree that it takes away from the game. So glad we don't have anything like that at the Ice Box.

The Stars just couldn't capitalize last night when they had their chances. The Lancers made the most of theirs. The Lancers seemed to have more team speed than Lincoln, but not by much. I thought both teams were evenly matched, for the most part.