Monday, October 5, 2009

Lincoln vs. Omaha tickets for 10/10 Game

I thought I'd post this for the folks out there looking to buy tickets to the Lincoln vs. Omaha game this Friday (10/10) at the Civic Auditorium in Omaha. The Blueline Booster Club is selling tickets to the Omaha game via their website.

Click here for the form to buy tickets.

Due date by mail is Tuesday, October 6th. Fill out the form, pick your payment (check, cash, or credit card), and get it in the mail to Jodi ASAP.

If you get your order in the mail by Tuesday (10/6), the tickets will be available for pick up at the Ice Box on Friday (10/9) when the Stars play the Des Moines Buccaneers in the home opener.

This is a great opportunity to follow the Stars on the road, sit with your fellow Lincoln fans, and support the Blueline Booster Club.

Go Stars.


Norfolk Fan said...

Under normal circumstances I would be right there with the Stars' faithful at any game in Omaha. Unfortunately, I'll be in Iowa City watching my Hawkeyes defang the Wusserines this weekend. I'll be with you all in spirit.
Can't wait to be with the best fans in Junior Hockey next weekend and our first look at Youngstown.
Go Stars!
Norfolk Fan

Yeti said...

Good to see you here, Norfolk Fan. I've always enjoyed reading your posts on Brent's blog. Hope you stick around!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Chartier can play this weekend. He is by far our best stickhandling forward. And he can put the puck in the net. Like the chemistry of the team so far-just have a few kinks to work out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the team so far is that everyone seems to want to work hard and as a team! Im excited for Friday night @ the Ice Box!

Starstruck said...

Omaha had attendance of 4,399 at the Civic for their home opener last weekend. With a projected sellout we will top that on Friday at the Ice Box, but not sure what capacity is at the Civic. Anyway quite a step up from attendance at the MAC. Would be nice to hear some feedback after Saturday's game on the new venue from our Stars fans in attendance.

But first things first. Friday night at the Ice Box cannot come soon enough...the wait has been endless!! Go Stars!!!

Norfolk Fan said...

Thanks Yeti. You can count on it. I will still keep an eye on the LJS site for Brent's blog. You will always find me lurking where Stars fans are found.
Go Stars!

tzweeb said...

hey yeti, you sure do a great job keeping up on current articles. i also read one about patrick roy's son pleading guilty to assault during a hockey fight.
canada has some mighty fine court system.
keep up the great work on you site and we will keep coming back.

tzweeb said...

also i have been granted a pre-view to the "NEW" LJS web blog site. it works as well or faster then the old blog site, but has a few new twists. more comment areas and also you can post pictures as well.
i tried to post comments and a picture from last years blogs. seems to work very well and should be a great place for us stars fans to blog live again.
sorry to steal your thunder for next week, but it seems like the LJS wants to get back in the blogs business.
besides i know you will be at the season opener friday and hopefully going to omaha saturday night as well. so at least for me, i wont be blogging until after we get home from the games.

the LJS gave me a link to get onto the new blog site, but said its just a private area for now.
im sure they will open it up for everyone by this weekend. you do have to create a sign on name but then its just like the old blog.
heres the link...
hope you keep your site up and running as i like what you do and will also be on here to see what your thoughts are.
thanks again for your hard work.

tzweeb said...

one more thing... about your poll this time... of course im going to the omaha game,
and david reekie might be able to stop chuck norris, but he's got no chance against bo pelini!!
reekie may have been a brick wall but bo just walks thru brick walls.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the info about Brent's blog, tzweeb. I'm going to write a quick article now.