Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chartier Traded to Green Bay

Just noticed on the Pointstreak transaction page that Brett Chartier was traded to the Green Bay Gamblers. There is no indication that a player is coming to Lincoln in return, so I am so assume the trade was for a draft pick.

Good luck to Brett! Sorry that it couldn't work out in Lincoln. I think he would have been an important part of the Stars offense if he had stayed, but apparently he was unhappy in Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

Brett was extremely happy in Lincoln. If you watched the Youngstown game he was sent off the ice after getting two assists. My guess is a personality conflict with coach. Either way it's a stupid move on Lincoln's part. Best puck handler and sniper we had. Don't get it at all. He could have been a great player here for two more years if given the chance.

Anonymous said...

You would be to if you were pulled in the midle of the game when you were a +2 in that game.

Yeti said...

First Anonymous,

Thanks for the comment. I assume by your statement that you are close to Brett. I agree that it was probably a conflict with the coach that brought about this trade. I can't personally say it was a "stupid move on Lincoln's part," because I don't know the specifics of the conflict. I do know that Coach McGroarty has shown in the past that he is very good at evaluating players, and trading for talent to help the team. Without acquiring players like David Reekie, Chris Forfar, Ryan Kretzer, Lyon Messier, and Kirt Hill (just to name a few) the past three seasons, the Stars wouldn't have the success they've had under McGroarty. I'm not about to throw him under the bus for this trade.

Regardless, I hope Brett finds a home in GB, and is able to showcase his skills....just not against Lincoln. :)

Anonymous said...

You may be +2, but if you don't want to block shots or do other things to help the team other than just in the offensive end, Coach McGroarty will pick a bone with you. I'm not saying Brett didn't do either of these things, but I'd guess he didn't do something Coach didn't like to be sent off the ice.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Brett wasn't +2 in that game. He had two assists and one shot on goal.

None of us know what really happened behind the scenes, so it's best to just let it go and wish the best for Brett and his hockey career.

Travis said...

Good luck to Brett. I always thought he would be a good player and showed some signs. There must have been something between him and McGroarty. If I recall correctly, he was essentially scratched from the playoffs last year. He may have played one game. I have no idea what happened. I just wish him the best.