Saturday, September 26, 2009

USHL Fall Classic: 9/26 Lincoln vs. Cedar Rapids

Final Score: Cedar Rapids 5, Lincoln 1

The 2009 USHL Fall Classic in Sioux City, Iowa was not kind to the Lincoln Stars.

The Stars lost their third straight Fall Classic game, as the Cedar Rapids Roughriders pounded the Lincoln Stars by a score of 5-1. The green weenies Roughriders used 4 first period goals to propel themselves to victory. The lone Stars goal came from forward Andrew Ammon, with assists from Lincoln youngsters Dominik Shine, and Jared Hanson. The Stars out shot the Roughriders in the game, 24-20. Stars goaltender Steven Racine played the entire game between the pipes, stopping 15 of 20 shots in the loss. A concerning trend, in their past four exhibition games, the Stars are scoreless in the third period.

Not sure what happened early on in this game, but the Stars really must have come out flat. Amazingly, Lincoln stayed out of the penalty box for most of the game. In fact, they played the first half of the game without a penalty against. That's incredible considering the Stars recent issues with undisciplined play. I try not to get too concerned with these exhibition games. They are more for the coaches in terms of evaluating the talent they have on the bench. Last season, the Des Moines Buccaneers went 3-0 in the Fall Classic...and then they went on to post one of the worst records in the USHL regular season. Conversely, the Fargo Force went 0-3 in the Fall Classic last year, but went on to finish the regular season very strong and play for the Clark Cup. It is a little disheartening that the Stars couldn't win one game in Sioux City, but I'm not worried. It's way too early to tell what kind of team the Stars will field this season.

If I recall correctly, the Lincoln coaches will now have until Monday (9/28) to cut the roster down to 23 players. This is when the roster can really turn upside down. The Stars could pick up players cut from other USHL teams, or Coach McGroarty could look to one of the three Canadian major junior leagues to fill the one overager spot that is still open on the roster. McGroarty did that the past two seasons with David Reekie, and Kirt Hill (both played in the WHL before coming to Lincoln). If I hear anything thing on my end in regards to roster changes, I'll report them here as soon as possible.

Go Stars.


Justin said...

As someone who was at the game, the Stars were bad as a whole. But at least two of the goals were the goaltenders fault by himself. There is no reason why the goalie should go behind the net and play the puck when everyone of CR's forwards were in the zone already. That resulted in the first goal where we didn't have a goalie in the net. But on the other side, I have had a chance to watch almost every team this weekend and have seen Cedar Rapids twice. They are easily best team I have seen. They must have jelled very well over the summer because thy play great team hockey.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the update, Justin. I appreciate it. I was hoping I would have more comments from my readers who attended these games.

The Stars traditionally seem to have problems with the Roughriders. I don't know if it's the disciplined teams CR always seem to field, or the fact that they are usually smalller, but faster than the Stars.

It's still way too early to be gloom and doom. The Stars have had just as many practices as games. With the late start, they will begin the season a bit slow...just like every year.

Having said that, I would not be surprised if McGroarty shakes up the roster a bit. There is still one overager ('89) spot open on the roster.

BellTolls said...

thanks justin. Besides the vets, who looked good at forward and defense for the stars?

Justin said...

Non-vet forwards who stood out were Matt White, Dominik Shine, Jared Hanson, and Jarrod Mermis.

Non-vet defensmen who stood out were Will Rayner, Dax Lauwers and James McNulty.

Nate Baumbick isn't the greatest defensmen out there but he was chippy both games and got in a fight on Friday.

Also, John McCarron left Saturday's game with an injury.

Anonymous said...

I was there all weekend and i wouldnt go as far to say that they played "bad" as a whole. Obviously there were some rough spots in this final game. I also thought that a couple of the goals were pretty easy and the goalie should have had them, but there were also a couple of them where he had absolutely no help from the defense on the ice. But what we all have to remember is that the team has only had what a week of practice? I thought both teams came out fast in the beginning then CR took it to us. Then after CR scored there 5th goal (first of the 2nd period) i thought we started playing better. After the first period is was a lot better. The team could have given up but they didnt, they fought back and even though it didnt end up the best, the last half of the game went better (i thought). So overall on the weekend i was pretty proud of the team and what they did w/ not much prep time before hand.

Also just want to say that we have mentioned some of the non vets, i just wanted to mention some of the vets today. Hibbeler stood out to me among all other defense today. I thought he played great. I also thought Gerths was skating his butt off even when as we were down 5 goals to try to get us going and i also thought Petey played great. There was no quit in those guys and i thought set a good example for the new players. Instead of focusing on all of the negative things in the game, i try to focus on the positives and go from there!

Overall i thought it went pretty good considering and cant wait to see what the players and coaches have up their sleeves for the home opener. Also cant wait to see how this group of guys improve and play together w/ some more practice! Cant wait until the home opener! Go Stars!!!

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. Much appreciated! Gerths really played well during the Fall Classic. I know he was originally planning on going to Notre Dame this year, but it was pushed back a year. He will be counted on to provide an offensive spark on this Stars team. Hibbs is always steady, same with Bruneteau. Those two will have to step up and lead that defensive corps.

Anonymous said...

Matt White stood out? Didn't think he was playing this year?

Yeti said...


There are people saying White was in uniform for the GB game, and there are people saying he wasn't in uniform. I wasn't there, so I can only go by what I hear.

From what I've read, I am guessing that it wasn't White wearing the #12 uniform, but one of either Chris Delmauro, or Ryan Dzingel (Stars affiliate players) wearing the uni.

Anonymous said...

i may be able to help w/ the confusion a little. I was there for all 3 games and for the 2nd game (the GB game), there were 2 players w/o names on the back. 1 was a #12 and the other was #26. But like i said there werent names on the back of those jerseys, so im not sure if it was Matt White or not. Plus that b/c there was someone there in a # 12 jersey many people probably just assumed it was him. Those 2 players w/o the names on the back didnt play in the first or last game. So thats all i know!

Starstruck said...

My irritation rests with the Sioux City scorekeepers/announcers. I would assume that they would know who was playing in the game and announce the correct name. Maybe that is more difficult than I think it should be? Anyway, I was hopeful to see White on the team this year, so is disappointing to find out it is not the case. Wish him luck in whatever he does. Go Stars!!

BellTolls said...

Dzingel was 12 and Wuthrich was 26.

Now let's get the season started!

Yeti said...

BellTolls is correct. Ryan Dzingel was wearing #12 during the Green Bay game. I got confirmation tonight from someone on the team.