Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stars acquire forward from Cedar Rapids

According to Poinstreak, the Lincoln Stars acquired forward Ben Lynch from the Cedar Rapids Roughriders today. No player went back to Cedar Rapids in this trade, so I am to assume a draft pick was sent to CR in return for Lynch.

Ben Lynch is a 5'10" 173 pound forward from Blaine, MN. He was born in 1989, so he is an overager, which will fill the last overager spot on the roster. He's played the past two seasons with Cedar Rapids.

You can check out his stats here.

I know nothing about Lynch, so I can't really go into specifics about what kind of player he is. Coach McGroarty picked up Garrett Vermeersch last season from Cedar Rapids, and Vermy turned out to be a very good player. Lynch has two seasons worth of USHL experience, which is always nice. Although his stats aren't mind-boggling, he put up solid numbers on some very good CR teams.


Anonymous said...


Anyone know who is leaving for this new guy to come? Also when does Coach have to have the roster cut by?

Yeti said...


I have not heard any specifics about who was, or wasn't cut. Coach McGroarty had to cut the roster down to 23 players by Monday (9/29). Hopefully we'll hear who made that list of 23 players soon. Usually I will hear a rumor here or there, but this year I have not heard anything in terms of who was cut.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on PointStreak that there is a list of 23 Stars players that does not include Dominik Shine, Tyler Underhill, and Matt White. I'm not positive that this is the correct 23 player list, but I don't know why else these players wouldn't be listed.