Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LJS Blueline Blog Update

I wanted to briefly talk about the Lincoln Journal Star’s Blueline Blog that is run by Brent Wagner. The LJS website recently experienced a complete overhaul, and the Blueline Blog was sort of lost in the transition. I’ve heard from a number or Stars fans that they cannot find the blog on the LJS website, nor do they like the new website design. Also, the blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, and with the regular season just about ready to take off, a number of Stars fans (including myself) were very anxious to read updates from Brent about the team.

I am a BIG fan of Brent and all the hard work he’s done with the Blueline Blog since he started it. No other USHL team has this kind of resource that the fans can get information from. Brent has worked extremely hard the past couple of years to build up that blog. I’ve never looked at his blog as competition, or anything like that. What we both provide is very different, I believe. Brent has the connections to give us the insider info that I might not have. He has access to the coaches and players, which allows for some terrific interviews, videos, and blog articles. We (BellTolls and myself) provide more of a common fan's perspective. We’re just a couple of “normal” guys who follow the Stars religiously, and enjoy ranting about their favorite hockey team.

Anyway, I sent Brent an email last night and asked if he was ok, and was just curious about the state of the Blueline Blog. As always, Brent was quick to respond and was very helpful. I can tell you that the folks at the Lincoln Journal Star sports department are working right now to build a new Blueline Blog that is just as user-friendly as the old blog was. Brent was not sure when the new blog would be online, but said that it was a high priority for the sports editor at the LJS. It’s up to the computer geeks at the LJS to get the blog online, and running. Patience, grasshoppers. Brent’s blog will be back online soon, and I’m certain, better than ever. In the meantime, enjoy our long-winded ramblings on the best hockey team in the USHL.

Go Stars.


nopuckluck said...

THANK GOODNESS, and thank goodness we have this blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you help with Journal Star blog, but what about the official USHL blog, the one that hasn't been updated since July 21st??

James said...

Exactly! I just told someone on facebook the other day that if it was not for this site I would be in the dark. Thanks again- James

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say good to see the Stars supporters at the Civic watching the Most Successful Junior Hockey Team In the USHL The Omaha Lancers. With the 7 championship Banners hanging nicely, and even better to listen to the Stars Supporters excuses after Losing, priceless :-)