Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Captains and Cuts

Thanks to a couple people paying close attention to the Lincoln Stars roster on Pointstreak, it is fairly safe to assume that Dominik Shine and Tyler Underhill will not be with the Stars this season. It is unclear whether Shine (a '93 birth date) will be on the affiliate list or not. With the addition of Ben Lynch from Cedar Rapids and the expected release of Matt White, the Stars are at the 23 player maximum. Don't be surprised if a thing or two happens this week.

Also, Coach McGroarty appeared on The Spread this afternoon on 1480, and revealed the 2009-10 captains. So without further adieu:
Captain - Matt Bruneteau (D)
Alternate - Garrett Peterson (F)
Alternate - David Gerths (F)

Many expected these three to wear a letter this year; it was just a matter of who gets what. Some felt Jimmy Siers and Cory Hibbeler would make good captains as well. Expect both of those guys to be strong leaders in the locker room even though they won't wear a letter. McGroarty often talked last year about guys like Kirt Hill and Ryan Kretzer who didn't wear letters but were instrumental leaders in the locker room. I think it's pretty dang cool to have a Nebraska boy be the captain of the Stars. Not too shabby.

So, Stars fans, were you correct on your captain prediction in the Black and Blue poll on the right? Also, check back to the Black and Blue blog Wednesday for an updated roster with stats and pictures.

Go Stars!


Yeti said...

Thanks for the write-up, BellsTolls. Well done.

Personally, I would have guessed that Peterson would have been the Captain, with Hibbeler and Bruneteau as the Alternate's. You really can't go wrong with Bruneteau. As a poster on the Stargazing board mentioned, Bruneteau was a Captain for the Wenatchee Wild of the NAHL before he came to Lincoln. So he has experience leading teammates. I agree that Siers and Hibbeler, despite not having a letter on their jersey, will lead by example off and on the ice.

The season is only a few days away!

Anonymous said...

I think Petey with the "C". Siers and Hibbeler with the "A"s would have been better. Thats what the fans thought would be best also. I guess coach is throwing the Bruneteau's another favor. Keep in mind Matt wouldn't have even been here last year if it wasn't for the Weiss departure. He didn't even make the original roster last year. Another strange move by the coach. Hope the powerplay isn't as strange this year, as this move is?

Travis said...

Congrats Matt. You were my choice. Go get em Stars!!!

Yeti said...

Just a note:

We've had some issues today with an opposing fan starting trouble on this blog, and impersonating Stars fans. From now on, comments will be reviewed by myself before being published. I hate to do it this way, but it's the only way to keep the trolls from commenting. Thanks.

Go Stars!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Gerths is an alternate captain. He led all returning players in games played and points. I think he will step up big this year.

Congrats to all three players! Go Stars!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry you had to deal with the troll today. I read most of that. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the hard work you do to post fresh information on this blog. I've been telling all of my Stars friends about this blog, and they have said nothing but good things about it.

Keep up the good work. GOOOO STARS!!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say congrats to all of the captains, I think they all deserve it. I also agree that both Hibbeler and Siers would have made great captains but I guess thats a good thing that we have some many guys for the position. Just because they aren't wearing the letter doesn't mean they still won't be leaders so I feel that we have plenty of great leaders in the locker room! Congrats again and Lets Go Stars!

Anonymous said...

D.Shine will stay with the team on the affiliate list and play in games as needed. Not sure about T.Underhill.

Yeti said...


Thanks for the info. I learned the other day that Ryan Dzingel will be playing for the Stars this weekend. He was the player wearing #12 for the Stars against Green Bay at the Fall Classic. If he doesn't make the team after this weekend, I would assume he'll be put on the Stars affiliate roster like Shine.