Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roster update and other notes

I've been pretty busy as of late, so I am going to catch up on a lot of things in my inbox. We're currently in the heart of Summer, but in just 7 short weeks, the Stars will be playing hockey at the Fall Classic in Sioux City, Iowa. It's not that far away, folks. We'll soon have our hockey fix. Keep the faith. :)

The Lincoln Stars Blueline Booster Club held their monthly meeting last night, and assistant Coach Nick Fouts was on hand to speak to the members. A friend of mine was in attendance and was nice enough to give me a brief synopsis.

- Corey Chakeen will be playing for a team in the BCHL next season, and not with the Stars. It is unknown right now which BCHL team he will be playing for next season.

-The Stars are interested in a WHL player named Ryan Letts (pictured above). Letts has played the past four seasons in the WHL, first with the Calgary Hitmen, and most recently with the Spokane Chiefs. Last season with the Chiefs, Letts had 20 points in 60 games with 97 penalty minutues. Letts is an overager ('89) from Newport Beach, CA, and is 6'2", 215 pounds.

Ryan sounds like the grinder type of forward that Coach McGroarty loves. He did score 20 points last season in the WHL, which is considered a very point stingy league. In comparison, former Star Kirt Hill played in the WHL, and scored 29 points in his last season before coming to Lincoln.

Edit: I have since read quite a bit more about Letts, specifically on, and the kid certainly has a reputation has a player who plays on the edge. Some have called him "dirty." He certainly isn't afraid to drop the mitts, that's for sure. I hate to pigeon-hole someone, but from what I've read, he certainly fits the "enforcer" mold.

-There is still a possibility that defenseman Dakota Mermis ('94) could play for the Stars next season, despite being so young. Apparently his parents have yet to come to an agreement in regards whether or not Dakota will be allowed to play with his brother (Jarrod) in Lincoln next season.

-Dubque, Iowa might be soon re-entering a team in the USHL.

Other unrelated notes:

-Stars vs. Sioux City Date Change

The Stars' October 1st game against the Musketeers in Sioux City has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 3rd. The Stars will now open the regular season on Friday, October 2nd at the Fargo Force. Great news for Lincoln fans who might want to drive up to SC Saturday night to cheer for the Stars.

-The Lincoln Stars have announced that ESPN 1480 will be the Stars' radio home for the 2009-10 season. Read article here.

I recently received an email from someone associated with the Lincoln Journal Star online newspaper, in regards to the "Blueline Blog" that Brent Wagner runs. Here is the information I was given. I hope it helps.

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Can be found here. (there are no stories in there now but there will be when the season starts or whenever we have news)

We’ve also got a forum for Lincoln Stars fans that can be found here.


Anonymous said...

what r the chances of getting this Letts kid to lincoln??

Yeti said...

I have no idea if Letts is even being considered. All I know was that Couch Fouts mentioned him, and that McGroarty was interested in him. We'll have to wait and see if he makes it to Lincoln.

In McGroarty's first season, he nabbed David Reekie, an WHL overager. Last season, McGroarty nabbed Kirt Hill, another WHL overager. I had a feeling McGroarty would do the same this year. It's a little early to know if Letts is that person this season. With Chakeen gone, there is one opening for an overager ('89) on the team.

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Anonymous said...

Matt White? Anyone? Anyone????

Yeti said...


As far as I know, Matt White is still on the team. He played well at tryouts, has USHL experience, and was one of the names on the Stars 25 player protected roster. Do you have any new info??