Monday, June 8, 2009

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day 3

It's time for me to catch up a bit with all that has happened the past few days in Omaha. In the article before this, I posted the All-Star rosters from the final tryout scrimmage this morning, as well as a quick recap. I'm going to blog about Day 3 of the camp now, and then blog about the All-Star game after that. I just want to again say 'thanks' to the readers who have contributed recaps of games I was not able to attend. The help is very much appreciated.

Game 7: Team Yellow vs. Team White

Team White beat Team Yellow, 5-1. I did not attend, nor do I have any more information about this game other than the score. Team Yellow did not look that good at all to me the few times I did see them play, so the score is not surprising. Team defense for Yellow was lacking big time. Team White, along with Team Blue, were one of the top teams put together, in my opinion.

Game 8: Team Blue vs. Team Red

Team Blue beat Team Red, 5-0. As I just mentioned, Team Blue was one of the best put-together teams at the tryouts. I'm not exactly sure how they lost their first game, but they certainly played well after that. In fact, 12 players from Team Blue made the final All-Star roster. Very impressive. Like Game 7, I do not have any more specific information about this game other than the score.

I was in attendance for Games 9 and 10.

Game 9: Team Red vs. Team Black

Team Black beat Team Red, 3-2 in OT Shootout. Coming into this game, Team Black had only scored three goals in three games. Scoring goals in regulation for Team Black was #33 Max Reavis ('91) and #18 Garrett Peterson ('91). Scoring goals in regulation for Team Red was #10 David Gerths ('90) and #14 Jarrod Mermis ('90). Goaltender Steven Racine ('91) gave up one goal in regulation, and stopped all three shootout attempts in OT. #15 Will Suter (Black) was the only player on either team to score in the shootout. #33 Matt White (Red) impressed me with his physical play and hustle.

My MVP of this game: #33 Steven Racine (goaltender)

Game 10: Team Blue vs. Team White

How fitting that the two best teams at tryouts faced off against each other for the last scrimmage before the All-Star game. Team Blue and Team White were both 2-1 going into this game, and were considered by many in attendance the two best teams at tryouts. This was a game the fans were really excited to watch.

Team White beat Team Blue, 4-3 in OT Shootout. Scoring goals in regulation for Team White was #10 Joey Holka ('90), #16 Tyler Underhill ('91), and #11 Dan Fazekas ('90). Scoring goals in regulation for Team Blue was #19 Dominick Bellavia ('91), #13 David Goodwin ('92), and #5 Colton Saucerman ('92). Team White goaltender #33 Ryan Faragher ('90) gave up two goals, while #1 Blake Mendenhall ('92) gave up one goal for Team White. Team Blue goaltender #33 Corey Morbeck ('91) gave up two goals, while #1 Ryan Massa gave up one goal for Team Blue. Blake Mendenhall stopped all three shooters in OT for Team White, while Ryan Massa gave up one goal for Team Blue. #16 Tyler Underhill scored the only goal in the shootout for either team to secure the win for Team White.

There were two fights in this game. Team Blue #2 Nate Baumbick ('91) won a decision over Team White #15 Brent Tate ('91). In the other fight, Team Blue #6 Brad Treml ('89) fought to a draw with Team White #7 Cory Hibbeler ('89)

My MVP of this game: #16 Tyler Underhill

Much better action today compared to the level of hockey I saw Friday and Saturday evening. Steven Racine continues to impress me with his steady play in net. I thought he looked looked calm and composed. Newcomers like Joey Holka, Jared Hanson, Kyle Gibbons, and Rui Encarnacao played very well, and stood out in my opinion. Team Blue played defense so well at times, it was hard to really evaluate the two goaltenders (Massa, Morbeck) for that squad.

Quick Note: I chatted briefly with the father of Joey Holka, who played for the Penticton Vees of the BCHL last year. Holka is from the Phoenix, AZ area. Lincoln's first pick of the USHL Entry Draft last month was forward Brodie Reid, who also played for the Pentitcton Vees last season. I asked Mr. Holka about the status of Reid, since he wasn't at camp, and I was told that Reid had said that he was planning on attending the Stars camp, but at the last minute decided to cancel. I'm not sure why he decided not to show up, but I thought it was an interesting bit of news. Kind of a flaky move if you ask me, but that's just my opinion.

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