Saturday, June 27, 2009

Corban Knight

Thanks to "starstruck" for pointing out this bit of information to me. It is much appreciated!

Who is Corban Knight? Read about Corban here, here, here, and here.

Briefly, Corban Knight is a '90 forward from High River, Alberta who played for the Okotoks Oilers in the Alberta Junior Hockey League last season. Knight scored 34 goals, and 38 assists in 61 games for the Oilers. Knight is 6'1", 180 pounds. He will attend the University of North Dakota in the fall of 2010. Knight was drafted in the fifth round (135th overall) by the Florida Panthers in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

It appears that Corban is on the 2009-10 Lincoln Stars protected roster, according to this article. If accurate, Knight would be a welcome addition to the Stars roster. I do not know why Knight was not at the Stars tryout camp, but it certainly appears he is part of the team now.

Sounds like this kid can really play, from what I have read about him. Getting picked in the fifth round of the NHL draft is a big deal. Getting a scholarship to UND is a big deal. Sounds like another classic Jimmy McGroarty "coup" to me. McGroarty has shown time, and time again that he can go after Canadian talent, and get them to come to Lincoln, NE.

Note: Congrats to former Stars defenseman Michael Sdao for being picked by the Ottawa Senators in the seventh round (191st overall) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Articles here, here, and here.


starstruck said...

Certainly does sound like a coup - makes you wonder what else Coach has up his sleeve for the roster. The release of the player list cannot come soon enough!!

Appreciate all your research and sharing of information on Corban!

starstruck said...

Oilers still have Corban on their 09/10 roster, so may not be coming here?

Too bad we don't know who is actually on our roster yet. Need another poll, Yeti, to pass the time while we wait...

Yeti said...

Yeah, I am beginning to think that Knight might not report. I wonder if he would rather stay close to home now that he has a scholarship to UND already wrapped up. I really hope I'm wrong, but I haven't heard anything that would say he is reporting. But why else would McGroarty put him on the protected roster? You'd think that if he was placed on the protected list, McGroarty would have known for sure he was going to report.

I'm getting a bit irritated over the roster being delayed. I was really hoping we'd see it today, or yesterday. Looks like we'll have to wait until next week now. :( I was going to wait and start another poll question after the roster was released...but I may just start a new one now. I just don't understand why there is a delay with it being released. It's after 7/1. All the teams in the USHL have sent in their 25 player protected rosters. There are no secrets. Just release the damn thing already. Arrrgh.

Anonymous said...

Will Knight be going to UND for 2009 with there latest roster spot opening after kicking Frattin off the team.