Friday, June 26, 2009

Chris Kreider NHL Draft & Stars Roster Update

With it being very quiet lately on the Stars front, I thought I'd update my readers on Lincoln Stars draft pick, Chris Kreider.

Chris was drafted in the first round (19th overall) by the New York Rangers this evening at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft in Montreal, Canada.

All things continue to point towards Kreider finishing up high school early over the summer, so he can enroll a year early at Boston College. I suppose there is still a very small chance Kreider will not be allowed to finish school early, and play for the Stars next season...but the chances of that happening at this point are slim to none.

Note: Hopefully we'll hear about the Stars 25-man protected roster very soon. USHL teams have until 7/1 to make public their protected 25 players. There have been some USHL teams that have already posted their 25 man rosters. The Stars will then take the 25 players to the USHL Fall Classic in Sioux City, Iowa in September. After the Fall Classic, the coaches will whittle the roster down to 23 players. Those 23 players will play for the Stars when the USHL regular season starts in October.


Justin said...

Do you know when the schedule for the Fall Classic will be posted?

starstruck said...

The USHL site shows the following in its list of players selected in the NHL draft:

Corban Knight, Lincoln Stars – 135th overall, Florida Panthers

(Lincoln Stars protected list player for 2009-10)

I don't remember hearing about him - any info?

Yeti said...


Last year, the Fall Classic schedule was released in that should be released soon. As soon as I see it, I'll post it here.


Great find! Before your post, I had never heard of Corban. From what I've read about him so far, he seems like he'd be a great pickup. Thanks again for the heads-up!