Saturday, May 9, 2009

Indiana Ice are Clark Cup Champs

The Indiana Ice scored five straight goals to beat the Fargo Force, 5-1, and win their first ever USHL Clark Cup. The Ice beat the Force three games to one in the series. After winning seven straight playoff games, the Force lost three straight to the Ice. Fargo goaltender Mike Lee gave up 12 goals in the last three games against the Ice. Finally, Lee looked human.

Ice forward Mike Cichy earned the MVP award for his efforts in the playoffs. In 13 playoff games, Cichy led all scoring with total of 25 points (9 points more than the second place scorer). Cichy also accumulated 14 powerplay points in those 13 games. Without the acquisition of Cichy from the Tri-City Storm, I'm really not sure the Ice would have won the Clark this season. Another key trade was getting Sebastian Geoffrion from the Stars. Geoffrion gave the Ice a much needed boost in grit and toughness, which in my opinion...was something the Ice was seriously lacking in. Geoffrion scored 5 points in 11 playoff games, and added 30 penalty minutes. In the final game tonight, Geoffrion started on the Ice first line with Mike Cichy and Brandon Richardson.

I guess the greedy Stars fan inside of me is happy Fargo didn't win the whole thing. Lincoln is still the only expansion team to ever win the Clark Cup. Fargo just seemed to fall apart down the stretch. I wonder if fatigue finally caught up to them. Taranto and Lee disappeared in those last three games.

Edit: Sorry for the lack of articles lately. Just lots of stuff going on right now. Remember, the USHL Futures and Entry draft are next week. Look for something then.

Second Edit: A very interesting quote made by former Lincoln Stars forward Sebastian Geoffrion during the Clark Cup playoffs:

"Geoffrion still has hope, but if not, he looks forward to playing at a university that is not too far from the family home in Nashville.

And he'd love to get a USHL title, if only to prove his former coach in Lincoln wrong for trading him.

"It would be nice to put that in his face," he said."

I'm not sure why Geoffrion feels that he has to blast McGroarty in the media like that, but it is what it is. I had heard rumors that he wanted more ice time from McGroarty, and requested to be traded after not getting the ice time...but those are just rumors. I don't think we'll ever know the true story behind his trade to the Ice. I always thought he was a great player, with a ton of grit. It's a shame he has to shoot off at the mouth like this, but he's entitled to his opinion.


Still Star Struck said...

"I guess the greedy Stars fan inside of me is happy Fargo didn't win the whole thing. Lincoln is still the only expansion team to ever win the Clark Cup."

My very thoughts through this final round!! Also I found it hard to support Fargo after seeing Coach's picture on the brooms in our last game - is this a common practice I did not know about? (Saw on Fargo's blog last night that individuals were throwing objects on the ice - just proves the point that bad spectators (can't call them fans) can be found at any arena.)

I did not find this site until round 2 of the playoffs - enjoy the articles! Catching up on the past posts gave me a chance to relive some good memories from the season. It is amazing all the highs and lows we went through with the team, but it is even more amazing that it is mostly the "highs" that have stayed with me - what a fun ride it was!! (And yes, the Fargo mascot is creepy - even more so in person. lol)

Thank you for your work! It will be great to have another source for Stars news & comments, especially with a long summer of "no hockey" ahead. Go Stars!!

Yeti said...

Still Star Struck,

Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Things have died down here a bit obviously, but with the drafts coming up..and the tryout camp in Omaha next month...things will pick up a bit. I appreciate the support. Running this blog has been a lot of work, but it's a labor of love. Sometimes I just wish I had more time to devote to it. Like I've mentioned before, sometimes "real life" gets in the way.

Thanks again.