Monday, April 6, 2009

USHL Playoffs

First Round Matchups:

East Division

(1) Green Bay vs. (4) Waterloo
(2) Cedar Rapids vs. (3) Indiana

West Division

(1) Lincoln vs. (4) Sioux Falls
(2) Omaha vs. (3) Fargo

I'm going to write up a Sioux Falls-Lincoln "playoff preview" sometime this week to break down that particular series. Stay tuned for that.

Now, for the rest of the are my predictions:


GB over Waterloo in 5 games
Indy over CR in 5 games

Omaha over Fargo in 4 games

I'm really superstitious when it comes to predicting a game or series for the team I follow, so I am not going to predict the Stars-'Pede series. I only hope the Stars leave it all on the ice and play smart, physical hockey.

Your predictions?


Travis said...

I predict the playoffs will be a blast as usual. I hope the attendance stays up the way it has all year. I am a little nervous about the series with the pede for some reason. I think we will pull it out, but it will be a hard fought series. We need to come out strong on Friday.

Anonymous said...

who is the most valuable penatly killer for the stars

Yeti said...

It's impossible to pick just one player on the PK who shines. They all do a great job and work together as a team.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'm not a Stars fan, I think they will win the series in 4.