Sunday, April 5, 2009

USHL Announces Award Winners

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Andrew Miller – Chicago Steel
B2 Networks USHL Player of the Year
CCM USHL Forward of the Year

Louis Leblanc – Omaha Lancers
The Collegian Group USHL Rookie of the Year

John Moore – Chicago Steel
ProGuard USHL Defenseman of the Year

Mike Lee – Fargo Force
Stauber’s Goalcrease USHL Goaltender of the Year

Mike Walsh – Chicago Steel
USHL Curt Hammer Award

Jeff Teglia – Omaha Lancers
USHL Scholar-Athlete Award

Dean Blais – Fargo Force
KwikRink USHL Coach of the Year

Jon Cooper – Green Bay Gamblers
JLG Architects USHL General Manager of the Year

Jim Pflug – Lincoln Stars
Dave Tyler Executive of the Year

Fargo Force
Highwood Rings USHL Organization of the Year

RBK First-Team All-USHL
Goalie: Brett Bennett – Indiana Ice
Defense: John Moore – Chicago Steel
Defense: Matt Donovan – Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
Forward: Andrew Miller – Chicago Steel
Forward: Mike Cichy – Indiana Ice
Forward: Craig Smith – Waterloo Black Hawks

Second Team All-USHL
Goalie: Kevin Murdock – Lincoln Stars
Defense: David Makowski – Green Bay Gamblers
Defense: Jake Newton – Lincoln Stars
Forward: Mike Seidel – Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
Forward: Stephane Da Costa – Sioux City Musketeers
Forward: Andy Taranto – Fargo Force

Center Trophy USHL All-Rookie Team
Goalie: Mike Lee – Fargo Force
Defense: Torey Krug – Indiana Ice
Defense: Brett Kostolansky – Chicago Steel
Forward: Louis Leblanc – Omaha Lancers
Forward: David Eddy – Sioux Falls Stampede
Forward: Stanislav Galiev – Indiana Ice
Forward: Alex Chiasson – Des Moines Buccaneers

The omission of Kirt Hill and Ross Henry is unfortunate, imo. Both players should have at least made 2nd Team All-USHL. Nice to see Jim Pflug be recognized for his job.

Also...I know Fargo was an "expansion" team (and that's debatable), but
I think Jon Cooper of Green Bay was more deserving of the
coach of the year award.

The Gamblers were dead last in the USHL last season. Cooper
took over in the offseason, and GB is one win away from
winning the Anderson Cup today. They also play in the East
Division, which is arguably more talented top-to-bottom than
the West Division.

Blais had a done a great job, but Cooper is much more
deserving imo.

Your thoughts on the selections?


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to the awards, but looking at the poll to the right, I think Derek Reynolds should at least be mentoined on the poll, as the original "tough guy" for the Stars he has a lot of the penalty minutes (most of them from fights) in the history of the team. This is just my opinon, but I think he at least deserves a mention.

Yeti said...

Very good point, Anonymous. I had forgot about Reynolds when I put that poll together. I remember being a big fan of his when I went to my first games back in '96. The guy was a warrior, but also had the hands to score goals and be a threat in that respect. He became an instant fan favorite that inaugural season.

I really should have included him in the poll. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

How is the scholastic award chosen? Do all teams submit their highschool players grades? Are the college age kids considered if they are taking classes?

Yeti said...

Another good question, Anonymous. I have no clue how that specific award is picked. I'll do some asking around, and see what I come up with.