Sunday, April 26, 2009

List of Eligible Players to Return

Before I post an "End of Season Recap," I wanted to briefly list the players from this years squad who are eligible to return next season. It's never too early to start thinking about next season, right? This list is obviously very preliminary, as a lot can happen between now and next October. Most of the information I have gathered has come from Chris Heisenberg's 2009 Hockey Recruits website. If you have never checked it out, I would recommend doing so. Tons of great information on his site.

So here is the list. Player birth years follow their names on the list. If any of my readers have any insider information regarding players returning, or any other issues, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at


Garrett Vermeersch - 1989 (Northeastern commit for 2010)
Corey Chakeen - 1989
Chris Volonnino - 1989
Jimmy Siers - 1989
David Gerths - 1990 (Notre Dame commit for 2010)
Brett Chartier - 1991
Garrett Peterson - 1991 (Notre Dame commit for 2010)
John McCarron - 1992

Cory Hibbeler - 1989
Taylor Kuypers - 1990
Matt Bruneteau - 1990

Anthony Borelli - 1989

Borelli had previously committed to Brown University for the Fall of 2009, but it appears that he does not have a commitment to any school right now. Getting Borelli to come back next season would be a huge lift to the team.

Next year, the Stars will only be able to keep four players born in the year 1989 on the roster. Every team in the USHL can only keep four "overagers." As of right now, Vermeersch, Chakeen, Volonnino, Siers, Hibbeler, and Borelli will be battling it out for those four overager roster spots. Something will have to give there. Should be interesting.

Also, I have heard rumors that the 2009 tryout camp WILL be held in Omaha again. The exact dates of the camp are unknown to me right now, but as soon as I hear something...I'll be sure to let you all know.

Ok, let's hear what you think about those eligible to return. Who makes the cut? Which of the six overagers makes the team?


nopuckluck said...

Looking at that list, gets me geared up for next year. One thing I can't believe is that McCarron is a 92' birthday, that kid is freaking big and plays like an 89'. It will be fun to see his skill set grow over the next few years. Also any word on that Superstar high school guy from the East Coast coming here?

Just want to say thanks for all the work you do on this blog, I appreciate it.

24ruffn said...

Camp will be in Omaha and have more weekend games than last year.

Forwhomthebelltolls said...

nopuckluck, who's the superstar high school guy from the East Coast?

Yeti said...

Is it Chris Kreider? I've blogged about him here. I have a "source" back east who runs an online hockey journal who recently talked to an NHL team official about Kreider. This official talked with Kreider recently (sort of a pre-NHL draft interview), and Kreider said he was going to either play in the USHL or BCHL next season. The kid is the real deal, and will be a mid first round NHL draft pick this Spring.

nopuckluck said...

That's the guy.

Yeti said...


Thanks for that bit of info. Much appreciated. Looking forward to watching those scrimmages again.

Anonymous said...

Who is on our affiliate list that has a good chance to make the team? Also now that Youngstown is in the league how many players might the Stars lose in the expansion draft?

Yeti said...


This is the most up to date Affiliate List I could find for the Stars online. I'll blog about these kids sometime soon I hope.

Kyle Gibbons F
1991 - Westlake, OH Cleveland Barons

Andrew Ammon F
1990 - Aldie, VA Deerfield Academy Princeton University (2010)

Jack Callahan D
1990 - Red Bank, NJ Springfield Jr. Blues

Evan Accettura D
1992 - Novi, MI Marquette Rangers

Mike Montagna F
1992 Syracuse Stars
University of Vermont (2010)

Pete Stoykewych D
1992 - Winnipeg South Blues

Nate Baumbick D
1991 - Avon Lake, OH

Chris Kreider F
1991 - Boxford, MA Phillips Andover
Boston College (2010)

Chris Delmauro F
1991 - Watchung, NJ

Justin said...

A "source" tclose to the team told me that Mike Sdao might forgo going to college next year and stay in Lincoln and play for the Stars. This is just a gossip kind of thing but I thought I'd bring it up.

StarsNutz said...

I have spoken to Anthony Borelli a lot over the past couple weeks, and he is gone...He is dead set on going to Brown next year...Of the other 5 '89's, I am assuming that it would be Volonnino losing his spot based on his sitting for nearly the entire playoffs...

Yeti said...

Thanks for the info, Justin and StarsNutz.

I hadn't heard the Sdao rumor...that one is interesting. I'm not sure why Princeton would want him to play another year of juniors. Personally, I dont' think he has anything left to prove at this level. As an '89, he'd be yet another overager fighting for a roster spot.

As far as Borelli, he's another guy who really doesn't have anything more to prove. He'll do good wherever he goes. I remember him comitting to Brown earlier in the year, but he's not listed on Heisenberg's website. Maybe it was an omission on Heisenberg's part.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. Tryout camp is coming up in less than two months.

Anonymous said...

sdao does have a girlfriend here. maybe that's his reason.