Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chris Kreider update

The saga of the talented youngster, and Stars draft pick, Chris Kreider continues. Read previous blog articles about Kreider here, and here.

My source is now saying that Kreider is considering enrolling at Boston College in '09, instead of '10. Kreider still has one year of high school to finish, but apparently Kreider and his family are asking the school board in Mass. if he can do some kind of accelerated program over the summer, finish high school by September, and immediately enroll at Boston College in the Fall.

Obviously, this would be a big letdown for the Stars. Kreider was telling NHL scouts that he was very interested in playing for the USHL (Lincoln owns his USHL rights), or the BCHL. Supposedly, the NHL scouts have expressed their opinion that Kreider jump to the next level (juniors) immediately, instead of wasting another year playing high school hockey against inferior talent. So the hockey coaches at Boston College thought if Kreider was wanting to leave his current high school early, why not enroll early at BC? If Kreider and his family wish to pursue this route, it would be up to his high school to decide if Kreider can participate in some kind of accelerated program over the Summer, and graduate early. It's also up to his family to decide if they can do it financially.

Kreider is ranked #14 overall on Central’s final ranking of North American skaters June’s NHL draft. He is also the top-ranked high school player in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more info.

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