Sunday, March 22, 2009

Waterloo head coach loses it

I know this isn't related to the Stars, but it is USHL related. Also, who doesn't love to watch a coach act like a child, and fall on his butt!

Waterloo head coach P.K. "Anger Management is for suckers" O'Handley went beserk in the Chicago@Waterloo game last night. He hopped over the boards and went after referee Tim Mayer. Video is below.

Waterloo - PK OHandley - (Unsportsmanlike Conduct), 2 min, 9:11
Waterloo - PK OHandley - (Abuse of Officials Game Misconduct), 10 min, 9:11
Waterloo - PK OHandley - (Bench / Coach Gross Misconduct), 10 min, 9:11

Hilarious. You'd think a guy with that much practice walking around on the ice wouldn't have fallen so much. Maybe he was drunk. This is the SECOND time O'Handley has jumped over the boards to go after a ref during a game. I think a fine and a suspension is in order. We'll see if the USHL acts.


nopuckluck said...

Good to know Mayer actually calls penalties on other teams besides the STARS

Anonymous said...

This is the second time this guy has jumped on the ice this season. It is so wrong on every level. A fine isn't enough for this psycho. Make him referee some youth hockey games so he can see how hard it can be to ref. Falling on his a#%,is appropriate for this total a@%!Who does he think he is?>??

24rufn said...

only in waterloo would the ref be out of control when the coach is the one dancing the cotton eyed joe on the ice during play. announcer will be fined, PK should sit until the playoffs.

Austin D said...

P.K. O'Handley should be nominated for Coach of the Year after this...even Stinkin' Lincoln fans can agree on how much of a waste of a life Tim Mayer is. He's been in this league at least since my freshman year of college ('06) and he still has never learned how to officiate a game properly. If J-Mac had gone after a ref like this (and given some of his whining fits I've seen in Waterloo after every call, I'm somewhat amazed he hasn't), you would all be calling for the same thing, and admit it: you're entertained that someone finally went off on a ref that you know you hate.

Even other leagues' sportswriters have said he refs more to the scoreboard than to the game...this is NOT something that's isolated to Waterloo. Also, the announcer is paid to give his honest opinion on the game when it is necessary. Being the sole broadcaster that night, he is expected to call play-by-play and do the interpreting work of a color commentator. He will not be fined, nor should he be. And FYI, I am a student in the radio business, and I would bet a good year's salary (which in radio is far less than I would bet given the chance) that you have NO background in sit down and shut up.

Yeti said...

Austin D,

I believe most here in "Stinkin' Lincoln" recognize that PK is a good coach. Personally, I don't hate him. I don't even know him. He has an impressive resume. In a position as a tenured USHL head coach, he commands respect. So because of that, he should be held to a certain standard. Jumping onto the ice and acting like a fool isn't at that "standard." PK himself has admitted that he embarrassed himself and the league. This also isn't the first time he's done this.

I think what we're (and it's not just Lincoln fans..look around to the other teams message boards) trying to point out is that the bad calls made by these "developmental" refs happen to every team. Waterloo isn't being targeted for any specific reason. We're ALL recepients of inconsistent refereeing. Jimmy McGroarty has done some things that have gotten him kicked out of games, but he's never done what PK has done (twice).

Personally, I wasn't happy with McGroarty's marker throwing incident in the playoffs last year, and I believe I said just that on the Stargazing message board. From my perspective, if McGroarty did do what PK did, I certainly wouldn't support him, or say that it was justified. What does jumping onto the ice during a game and going after a referee solve?

Anyway, I'm sure this is a subject that we're not going to agree on. Regardless, I appreciate your opinion and hope you continue to visit.

24rufn said...

What does having a radio background have to do with anything? Players, announcers, and organizations are fined all the time for disparaging comments about officiating in all sports, not just the USHL. The announcer represents the organization and I assure you they answer to league officials.

Most USHL fines are never announced, so unless the team announces it no one will ever know. But I don't have a radio background, so I'm sure you're right.

Having a radio background, maybe you should be solving the country's current financial crisis instead of worrying about my comments on a blog. Apparently it's the equivilent of staying at a Holiday Inn express. Just a little color commentary, so no fines are in order.

Austin D said...

Yeti: seems I can't find a message board that doesn't take note of the horrible officiating jobs that several of these guys seem to do. It seems that the only people who don't take note of this sort of thing are the good folks at the United States Hockey League (private as their conversations may be, it still serves that Mayer and Marouelli did the ALL-STAR game this I'll never know), which essentially shows these guys as the league's "all-star" refs. Frightening. So the point that you're making, about that it seems to be happening to every team: point definitely well-proven. Unfortunately, I think PK did wind up embarrassing himself more than he did Mayer (part of that could be due to falling on his butt twice, once after pulling a front-flip in the air)...but if he did it to bring attention to just how frustrating and terrible a job Mayer did, that he felt compelled to come to him, I'd say at least in that respect, he definitely proved his point too.

I didn't hear too much about the McGroarty marker-throwing incident, maybe would have if I was listening closer for it...I've had some fun on the black hawks' boards seeing stories about Scott Brand's days in Waterloo as a GM, chasing down referees a la Joe Paterno and tossing sticks on the ice. Even the USHL's ref-in-chief has his moments, I guess... :-)

and Rufn: people with backgrounds in radio, going into the business for a living (hopefully...odds are better if the jobs are there...) have these discussions all the time (and I've had some of those discussions with people who know the business about that too) and thus, know what they're talking about more than if they didn't have the background -- same would be true if I was talking court procedures with someone who has a law degree - they have the background and therefore know the subject better...and being a student, I'm still learning the ropes every single day. As for Tim Harwood, this is not going on a sports-talk-show and engaging in a 15-minute rant about the officials in this league (or drop 12 f-bombs on the air like one of the talk-show hosts in DSM did on Friday)...he gave his honest opinion on the officiating in the game, and any penalty for a remark like "Tim Mayer is totally out of control," especially when he doesn't editorialize at length about it, would be unconscionable. If PK or one of the players had gone down in the newspaper tomorrow as saying what a crap-tastic job Mayer did, I would expect punishment. The standards are somewhat different, because the jobs are somewhat different.

I don't know that I could solve much of the nation's financial crisis myself...some days I think Joe the Plumber would do a better job of solving any crisis in the country than our elected officials...but maybe I'd feel a little more confident about that feeling if I'd stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :-)

Austin D said...

So if I'm getting more hostile than is necessary, I'll gladly back off a bit. I tend to speak up much louder when a radio personality is involved in a conversation (though I think based on this weekend you can see what happens when you speak up with too much passion!)

Yeti said...


No worries. It's nice to hear how the other side thinks. Good luck to your team in the playoffs.

Austin D said...

Thanks Yeti! Yours too -- it seems we may have slowly frittered away our hopes for the Anderson Cup (or, more succinctly, allowed GB to beat our skulls in almost every time we played them this year)...but I have a feeling the Stars just may pull it off.

We'll just have to aim for the Clark Cup instead, and see if we can win nine games rather than trying to win a championship.

Yeti said...

I must admit, I'm glad the Stars are in the West Division. The teams in the East are going to beat the piss out of each other in the playoffs. GB, Indy, CR, and Waterloo. Those are four REALLY good teams. Seems like in the past, it was the West teams that had the better teams, and beat each other up before reaching the finals.

I don't have any idea who will come out of the East. I'll probably blog about it sometime next week or so. Any one of those teams is good enough to make it to the finals. Who wants it more? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Psycho Killer (PK)

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say something once, why say it 100 times?

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Maybe the Blackhawks will replace this song for that outdated Party Town crap

Signed: The Hawking Teds!

Anonymous said...

Party Town Rocks! You'd have jumped on the refs too if you'd have had penalty after penalty called all game long, while the Steel got away with the same exact stuff. Mayer has been the rot of the USHL for several years now and it finally came to a head for PK. What you all don't know is that Mayer purposely ignored an illegal penalty that night and never called it. His linesman saw it, but he chose to ignore his linesman also. If anyone needed to be fined and suspended it was Mayer. It's a good thing he had a police escort that night--poor thing was downright scared to leave the rink as well he should have been. It doesn't matter how talented a team is when he's calling a game, because he will single handedly determine who he wants to win the game with his calls. Skill means nothing. Mayer thinks he's God.