Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Night Fights - Fargo at Lincoln 3/21

Michael Sdao vs. Grant Scott

Watch the Lincoln players in the background jump up after Scott goes down. I'm not sure if Sdao landed a huge punch, or if Scott just slipped and fell.

Jimmy Siers vs. Steve Spinell

Credit Spinell for lasting as long as he did with Siers. The first punch by Siers connected fully, and I was shocked that Spinell didn't fall to the ice. Both players landed some good shots.

Thanks to "Michelle D" for taping the fights. She does a great job taping a lot of fights that occur at the Ice Box.


Ryan said...

I haven't determined yet myself on the Sdao-Scott fight, but Scott did drop in a hurry.

Yeti said...

If you watch his right skate, it looks like it slips out in front of him...but did a punch cause that?

At the game, I think the entire crowd thought he was a huge KO punch. Considering how quick Scott got back up, I think he just slipped.

The Siers video really doesn't capture how hard Siers intial punch was. I couldn't believe it didn't drop Spinell.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Spinell won that fight

Yeti said...

Spinell got the take down, but he didn't really land any clean punches. Siers didn't look fazed at all. I give Spinell props for lasting as long as he did. Most guys that have fought Siers this season haven't lasted long at all. I'd say this one was a draw.

Anonymous said...

I'd say any fight against Siers that you can get up from is a draw from what I've seen of that kid; I'd give the win to Spinell for not getting completely destroyed (okay, it was a solid draw from what I saw--still saying Spinell got a lucky escape)

nopuckluck said...

Sdao landed a punch, we were sitting at the angle (Section AA) where the fargo player was facing us and you could clearly see his head snap back after a punch from Sdao, I think that's why the bench went crazy as well. The camera angle doesn't do the fight justice