Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Race for Andy - Part Three

Current Standings as of 3/29:

Indiana Ice
- 80 points (2 games remaining)
Lincoln Stars - 78 points (2 games remaining)
Cedar Rapids Roughriders - 77 points (2 games remaining)
Green Bay Gamblers - 76 points (4 games remaining)

Team - current points - max points
Indy - 80 - 84
Lincoln - 78 - 82
CR - 77 - 81
GB - 76 - 84

Well, the new "leader" for the Anderson Cup is the Indiana Ice. Indy have won their last five games, and are playing some of their best hockey of the season. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Green Bay Gamblers. The Gamblers have lost four of their last five games, and seem to be struggling down the stretch. The Gamblers still have two more games in hand compared to the rest of the teams in competition for the Andy, so I still believe it's Green Bay's trophy to lose. I wouldn't be surprised if Indiana or another team can win the Andy, but I'm still betting that GB takes it.

Lincoln certainly has a chance to win the Andy, but they'll need a lot of help. Green Bay will have to continue to play poorly and lose at least three of their remaining four games. The Gamblers four final games include three against last place Des Moines, so if you are a Lincoln fan right're also a Bucs fan. Indiana has road games against Cedar Rapids and Chicago. Cedar Rapids finishes the season with a home game against Indiana, and a road game against Waterloo.

Lots of "ifs" and "buts," but the Stars CAN win the Andy with a lot of help. Obviously the Stars would need to win its last two games of the season, road games against Sioux Falls and Fargo. Personally, I won't be sad at all if the Stars don't win the Andy. I think it's a great accomplishment, but it's not the end all. I think it can be a distraction, and maybe even a playoff jinx...but those are just my opinions. Regardless, this last week of regular season USHL hockey should prove to be an exciting one. Stay tuned.

What say you? Can the Stars win the Andy? Will Indiana hold off the Gamblers? Which team ends up with the Andy?

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