Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Race for Andy - Part Deux

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the USHL's race for the Anderson Cup. At that time, the Lincoln Stars sat in third place in the Anderson Cup standings..behind Cedar Rapids and Green Bay. After winning their last four games, all of a sudden the Stars are the new leader for the Andy.

Current Standings as of 3/22:

Lincoln Stars
- 75 points (4 games remaining)
Green Bay Gamblers - 74 points (7 games remaining)
Indiana Ice - 74 points (5 games remaining)
Cedar Rapids Roughriders - 73 points (5 games remaining)
Waterloo Blackhawks - 71 points (6 games remaining)

I still believe the Green Bay Gamblers will win the Andy, but it is nice to see Lincoln at the top of the list. They've worked VERY hard since that 7-1 blowout at the hands of Omaha to get back on track. The Gamblers have more games to play compared to the rest of the competing teams, and their schedule is very soft. The Gamblers play last place Des Moines three times in their last seven games. However, they do have games against Cedar Rapids (twice) and Indiana (once). Anything can happen, but I still think the Gamblers will take the Andy.

Believe me, I'd LOOOOVE to see the Stars win the rest of their games...and somehow win the Andy. I think it's a great accomplishment, and would be a huge confidence boost going into the playoffs. With that said, the ultimate goal should be the Clark Cup. Regular season championships are nice, but league championships are even better.

What say you? Do you still believe the Stars can win the Anderson Cup? Now that the Stars have clinched the West, should they rest up for the playoffs and not worry too much about the Andy?

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