Sunday, March 1, 2009

Postgame Report - Lincoln @ Chicago 2/28

Final Score: Lincoln 5, Chicago 2

The Stars rebounded nicely tonight with a win in Chicago against the Steel by a score of 5-2. Sniping gino's Scoring goals for the Stars was Jake Newton, Ryan Kretzer (SH), Brett Chartier (GW), John McCarron, and Chris Forfar (yes, he SCOOOOOOORED!). Both Jake Newton and Brett Chartier had one goal, one assist, and was +2 on the night. Anothy Borelli started in net for Lincon, and he saved 33 of 35 shots for the dub (win).

Very impressive road win against the Steel after the Stars team defense fell apart the night before in Green Bay. The Steel were winners of eight straight going into the game against the Stars, and had beaten some VERY good teams along the way. Despite being in fifth place in the Eastern Division, the Steel are a quality hockey club, and are better than just about any team in the Eastern Dvivision right now.

The Stars shut down the Steel powerplay, as Chicago went 0-8 with the man advantage. Lincoln's penalty kill is still the best in the USHL, statistically (89.37%). It was nice to see guys like John McCarron and Brett Chartier get on the scoring sheet. Both were healthy scratches the night before in GB, so I'm sure those two were looking to send a message to the coaches. That's what's really impressive about this team...the amount of depth at every position. Forward, defense, and at goaltender, the Stars are loaded with talent. Guys sit in the stands one night, and the next night they are scoring goals. I know Coach McGroarty has multiple tough decisions to make every night in terms of who sits, and who plays. It must be nice to have that kind of depth. It's a problem I'm sure he doesn't mind having.

Notably missing tonight was defenseman Ross Henry. It was only the second game Ross has missed in three seasons with the Stars. I did not get to listen to most of the game, so I'm not sure if Ross is out with an injury, or if he was just a healthy scratch. If someone else out there has any info, please feel free to comment. Also, I was sort of surprised to see that Borelli got the nod instead of Murdock tonight. Borelli had previously started three straight games, then Murdock started in the game last night in GB. I expected Doc to get another start tonight, but maybe McGroarty decided to give Doc a rest, since he stood on his head the night before.

Huge props go to Chris Forfar for finally getting that monkey off his back. Chris is a native of the Chicago area (Darien, IL), so I'm sure it was nice to finally get that goal close to home. I hope he had friends and family at the game to help celebrate with him. Chris plays a ton on the penalty kill, and is a big reason why the Stars are tops in the league on the PK. He's taken some shots in the media the past couple of months because of his goalless streak, but he contributes so much more apart from goals to help the team. Hopefully his goal tonight will lead to more gino's down the road.

1ST STAR: Chartier, Brett (LIN)
2ND STAR: Wolfe, Greg (CHI)
3RD STAR: McCarron, John (LIN)

Your thoughts on the game? Thoughts on the road trip? Are you happy with 4 points out of a possible 6 from these past three road games?

Note: I apologize for not having a pregame report for this game. Real life got in the way of blogging today, and I couldn't get near a computer. Don't ya hate when real life stuff gets in the way of having fun?


Forwhomthebelltolls said...

yeah real life stuff does suck.

great win for the Stars. We needed this one. So glad to see Forfar back in the scoring column. Keep an eye on him. Sometimes when someone busts out of a goal-less/pointless streak, they start piling up some nice numbers.

Also huge props to Newton. he continues to show he is becoming a stellar hockey player.

nopuckluck said...

I agree, props to Forfar, he will be fun to watch the next 3 games at home. Also, that darn Greg Wolfe seems to have our number, how many goals is it now that he has scored against us?


Yeti said...

Yeah, Wolfe has had some very good games against the Stars. He's not one of Chicago's top offensive players (in terms of points), but you wouldn't know it when you watch him play Lincoln. He has scored 4 goals in 3 games against Lincoln.