Monday, March 9, 2009

Poll Update

Just wanted to mention that the current poll only has a few hours left before it closes. Looks like it will come down to the wire. Kirt Hill currently has the lead, but Jimmy Siers and Garrett Vermeersch are close behind.

I voted for Vermeersch, but all of the Stars listed are good candidates. Kirt Hill came to the team at the beginning of the season after getting released by the WHL's Regina Pats and has become the Stars top point getter. He's as a consistent scorer as you are going to find this season in the USHL. He does it all very quietly too. He's a powerplay wizard, and chirps like no other on the ice. Love those kids from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jimmy Siers has earned the reputation as a guy you just don't want to mess with. After KO'ing Max Grover of the Sioux Fall Stampede early in the season, it's been a string of wins and KO's for the rugged forward from Mount Prospect, IL. What I like the most about Siers is his work ethic on the ice. Next time you are at the Ice Box watching a Stars game, take a minute or two and watch Siers. Watch his entire shift when he's on the ice. Few on the team skate as hard as Siers. He's much more than an enforcer.

Garrett Vermeersch is a kid who I really didn't notice at all during the tryouts in Omaha this past Fall. I knew that he played for Cedar Rapids last season, but his stats there were not impressive at all. Vermeersch accounted for 10 points in 42 games last season for the Roughriders. Honestly, I never gave the kid a chance after the tryouts. He certainly proved me wrong with his play this season, thus he received my vote in the poll. I'm not sure I've seen anyone so good with the puck on his stick. His puckhandling abilities are unreal. I frequently comment while watching him that it looks like he has a magnet on the end of his blade, and the puck just sticks to it.

The two-head monster of Kevin Murdock and Anthony Borelli are a big reason why the Stars are in first place. Doc was another player who I really didn't expect so much from this season. I had my doubts about his skills before the beginning of the season, but he has proved me wrong one hundred times over. During the beginning part of the season when the Stars forwards were struggling with finding the back of the net, it was Murdock who kept the Stars in games they didn't deserve to be in. Without Doc, those games could have been losses instead of wins. Borelli came to the Stars from the BCHL, and has done a remarkable job. He currently is tops in the USHL with a .922 save percentage. He's not the biggest player on the team, but he's huge between the pipes.

Mike Dalhuisen is a guy who has improved his game a lot since last season. Like Siers, Dalzy is more than a guy who just can drop the mitts and trade punches. His physical presence on the Lincoln blue line has been key to the Stars success. His +20 rating is tied for first on the team. He has battled through some tough injuries this season also, but continues to play his physical style regardless. His four goals this season is already four more than he had all of last season. Dalzy even gets time on the Stars powerplay, whereas last season you never saw him on the PP. Coach McGroarty has mentioned that if Dalzy continues to improve his play, he can make it in the NHL someday. I certainly hope that happens.

Who did you vote for and why?


Icerules said...

I voted for Vermy, I wasn't sure what to expect based on his stats from last year, but I've been pleasantly surprised, he's not a flashy player ( at least I don't think so, but he just kinda quietly scores goals. For me Hill wasn't really a surprised cuz I kinda expected him to do well since he played in the WHL. I think Sier has a huge upside to him, he could become a great power forward, I'd like to seem him in a bit more of a leadership role next year if he returns, I don't expect him to be a leading scorer, but I think he could definitly be strong player around the net.
Dalzy has improved every year since he's been in the league so I expected this year to be good for him. I hope to see him in the NHL someday. Borelli was kinda my wildcard, Jimmy has shown that he has been successful at bringing in unknown goalies, Reekie for example. Borelli has been great in net and he drives Doc to improve. I enjoy having two talented goalies in net, you don't have to worry about who's going to start, both give the team the chance to win.

Forwhomthebelltolls said...

I was really torn between Vermy and Hill. I ended up voting for Vermy though. But I think both have equally surprised me. I thought Hill would be a 10-goal guy at best, boy was I wrong. And his passing is unreal. So in that sense, he way exceeded my expectations. The overagers on his Regina Pats team must be damn good (or else his coaches are idiots). But anyone who looked at Vermy's stats from CR would never guess he would be doing so good this year. He is very skilled and quite frankly the only reason I can think of that he only put up 10 pts with CR is that his coaches gave him very very little ice time in the games he played.

Yeti said...

For posterity's results of the poll:

Kirt Hill - 16
Jimmy Siers - 14
Garrett Vermeersch - 12
Kevin Murdock - 9
Anthony Borelli - 4
Mike Dalhuisen - 0