Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On The Road Again...

I can't get that song out of my head now.

Anyway, the Stars being a hellish road trip this weekend as they play four games in five days. Friday night against Indiana, Saturday night against Chicago, Sunday night against Cedar Rapids, and next Tuesday night against Omaha. Wow. That's the very definition of "brutal." It will be a great test to see how the players react to the embarrassing loss to the Lancers this past Tuesday.

Neither of the teams are cupcakes either. Coach McGroarty has mentioned in the past that certain road games in the past have brought the team closer, and have propelled them into a winning streak. I really hope that happens here. I can't see how the Stars can play any worse than they did Tuesday night, so I'm excited to see how they respond.

I really hope this past game against Omaha will be the game the Stars look back weeks from now and say, "That's what turned it around." I have confidence that McGroarty and the coaches will have the players ready for this long stretch of road games. This will be great experience in terms of playoff type atmospheres. In order to win the Clark Cup, the Stars will have to travel to some hostile barns and dig down deep to win games.

Four games in five nights. A possible 8 points are up for grabs. I'd be happy if the Stars can come home with four or five points. More importantly, I want to see the Stars turn it around and just play better. Points are nice, but right now I'd rather see the Stars put together 60 quality minutes in a game...even if the game ends up as a loss.

Your thoughts? Do the Stars rebound? How many points would you be happy with?

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