Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got Superstitions?

I think most of us know that hockey players can be a very suspicious lot. Left skate before right skate, last off the ice after warmups, wearing the same "supporter" during a winning streak, eating the same pre-game meal, favorite number, playoff beard....the list can be endless. Some players are more supersticious than others.

When I played hockey, my superstion was always left before right. Left skate on, then right skate. Left shin pad, then right...and so on. Not sure how that started, but I had to do it before every game, practice, etc. If I put my right skate on before my left by accident, I freaked out. I had to take my right skate off, then put my left skate on to try to right the "wrong." Even then, I had bad feelings that mojo wouldn't be on my side that day. I still do the left before right today, but with normal everyday stuff. Left sock, then right sock. I may be slowly going insane.

As a Stars fan, I don't have a lot of superstitions. I have a LIVEHOCKEY bracelet that I wear on my left wrist for every game. I have yet to forget to wear it to a game. I also am a little superstitious with the jerseys I wear. I've stated previously that I'm a bit of a jersey whore...I have a bunch. I wear all kinds of jerseys to Stars games. Lincoln Stars jerseys, NHL jerseys, and minor league jerseys. Certain jerseys have better mojo than others. For example, I have a Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals jersey that has bad mojo. The last three times I've worn it to a Stars home game, Lincoln has lost. On the opposite end, I have #37 David Reekie jersey that has very good mojo, as the Stars have won quite a bit when I have worn it. More evidence towards my insanity plea. :)

One of the more involved superstitions I ran across on the internet was from former NHL'er St├ęphane Lebeau. I guess this is more of a routine than a superstition, but it's interesting nonetheless:

"On the day of a game, I get up at 8:30am. I have my usual breakfast, orange juice, oatmeal, two slices of bread, and a glass of milk. Then I head off to team training. When I get back, I always eat a hamburger steak and watch a show on TV. I have a 90-minute nap in the afternoon. Four hours before the game, I eat a plate of spaghetti. I arrive at the locker room at around 5pm and I put on my underwear. In the two and a half hours before warm-up, I chew 20 to 25 sticks of gum and drink lots of water. I tape up my three or four sticks for the game and, before every game, I jump in the dressing room spa for three or four minutes. Then I put on the rest of my equipment."

Yikes. That's borderline OCD.

Okay, so what are your hockey superstitions? I'd really like to hear some good ones from fellow Stars fans out there. I'd like to think I'm not the only nutball out there.

Edit: I just remembered how I caught a ton of grief from some of my hockey friends when I showed them a picture of myself touching the Stanley Cup. Yes, I was aware that you don't touch the cup...ever...unless you WIN the cup. Seriously, when is my skinny ass going to ever win the Holy Grail of Hockey? At the time, I was happier than a hog in sh*t that I was even in the same room as the Stanley Cup. I felt like I was in the presence of something magical. For a hockey nut like myself, it was really surreal. So I touched it. Big freakin' deal.


Anonymous said...

I also wear my "live hockey bracelet on my left arm, with my blue Lin. Stars BLBC bracelet. when I lived in Nebraska and did not miss a game (home or away) for 2 1/2 yrs. I always walk around the ice rink, b4 the game, (home or away). now in the case of Sioux City,(U shaped) I did the touch one wall and walk touch other wall, and seems like the more rounds I did the better Stars played. If we were losing after first period, I would walk around the other way? Now that we live in San Diego and watch every game on B2. My computer is hooked up to T.V. and my stars flag is always facing up and our jerseys on each side. and the pencils (that say Lincoln Stars) are always facing up. Samuel (funguy1)

Yeti said...

Thanks for the post, Sammy. Nice to know I'm not the only Stars fan out there with borderline OCD. :)

Just curious, how many Stars games to you get to watch on B2 from San Diego? Did you get the season ticket deal?

Anonymous said...

Have not missed a game yet, but since I do fly back to Nebraska, for Stars games,I did not get the season ticket. have not missed a game yet, planning trip for playoffs. *Funguy1* Samuel p.s. I should of gotton a freq. flyer plan though. LOL

Yeti said...

Good to hear you will be returning for some playoff games. I am going to really try to make it up to Sioux Falls or Sioux City (whoever the Stars play) for some away games in the first round. Road trips are a lot of fun.