Monday, March 2, 2009

Fight Cancer - Support LIVEHOCKEY

My good friend Ryan who runs the Unofficial USHL Hockey Blog, recently posted about the campaign Lincoln Stars defenseman Mike Dalhuisen started last year called LIVEHOCKEY. Specifically, Mike has another way folks out there can support his cause, and fight cancer.

As many of us know, Mike's mother Romy Dalhuisen battled leukemia twice, before sucombing to the disease in November of 2007. In support of his mother's valiant fight, and also of those who have battled cancer themselves, Mike first came up with the LIVEHOCKEY bracelets. The bracelets were a HUGE hit. Through his efforts to raise awareness about cancer and cancer research, Mike was able to sell over 6000 bracelets, and donated $3500 to the leukemia research foundation last season.

This year, Mike will be selling a car magnet (pictured below) for folks to buy, while continuing to drum up more support for cancer research. The pink magnet has the initials "R D" on it, and the LIVEHOCKEY slogan. Please do what you can to support Mike and his cause.

You can order the magnets by emailing Mike at or you can also contact Ryan at

You can also purchase the magnets in person at the "Blue Line Booster Club" booth, which is located directly inside the Ice Box main entrance. Thanks, 24rufn.


24rufn said...

you can also purchase these at the Blueline Booster Club booth @ Stars Games. The BLBC booth is located directly opposite the main entrance to the Icebox (on the left)

Yeti said...

Good to know, 24rufn. Thanks for the info. Two home games this weekend...hopefully the fans will stop by the BLBC booth and help support Mike.