Sunday, March 29, 2009

Current Poll Question - Team MVP?

I thought I'd give folks here an opportunity to state WHY you voted the way you did in the current poll question. I also extended the time period to vote an extra four days, to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to vote.

My pick? Defenseman Ross Henry, and I didn't think twice about the choice.

Honestly, I think any of the choices are good candidates...but for me, the easy choice was Ross. Easily one of the best shut-down defensmen in the USHL today, Ross is the heart and soul of the Stars defensive corps. He's the very definition of "steady." So steady in fact that if you don't pay attention and watch his shifts, you'd never notice him. He won't deke out an entire team and rush in for the game winning goal. He won't drop the mitts and beat his opponent down. But he will be the player a coach can rely on to play his position better than just about anyone in the league. He's not flashy, and he doesn't need to be.

I watch Ross a lot during home games. It's really amazing how much in control he is out on the ice. He is a man amongst boys. He's not 6'4" tall, and he doesn't weigh 225 pounds. He isn't the teams best skater. But damn if he isn't stronger than anyone he comes into contact with. For a guy who is under 6' tall and weighs less than 200 pounds, Ross is unbelievably strong. His best work is in the corners, where he EASILY pushes larger opposing forwards off the puck. His balance and footwork are incredible, as you rarely see Ross make a mistake or blunder while working man-on-man against an opponent. Very rarely do you see Ross put himself out of position. He's a pitbull, an anchor, an immovable force.

Currently, only the Cedar Rapids Roughriders have given up less goals this season than the Lincoln Stars. Obviously, Kevin Murdock and Anthony Borelli have a say in that, but I believe that a player like Ross Henry also has a huge say in that. I think if you asked Doc and Borelli why they have such good numbers, they'd tell you that Ross is a big reason why.

Anyway, that's why I believe Ross is this season's MVP. Just one fan's opinion. I would REALLY appreciate hearing from the readers out there as to who they voted for, and why. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.


Yeti said...

No comments? Hello?

All of a sudden today, there have been about 20 or so new votes, with many going to Ross. I wonder if there are some hijinx behind that.

Yeti said...

I decided to close the poll. Seems as if someone is playing games and constantly voting for the same player.

Anonymous said...

or hw juat has a bunch of friends votinig for him

Anonymous said...

so will just say ross henry won then

Yeti said...

Yeah, it looked like the "Ross Henry Fan Club" showed up, or the same person voted numerous times. I was just hoping people would only vote once, and keep the voting honest. No biggie.

I'd love to hear from those who voted for other players, and why they voted the way they did.

Anonymous said...

ross deserves it anyways as you said he is the heart of the defense and a big leader and well respected.

Anonymous said...

I think that brother,sister that can use the internet can generate a large amount of support. Ross has allot of people that follow him and would try to get him to win. The whole team deserves the MVP award. Ross would like that people and friends thought he deseved it, but would not like them " stuffing" the ballot box. He plays like all of these kids, because they love the game. Go Stars.

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that Ross has only missed 2 games in 3 years and he is only 18 now thats a tuff player.